Mass Effect: Andromeda


I heard all the MP maps are going to be free, so I’ll probably just get the standard digital version. I don’t see myself wanting to trade this in anytime soon.


Finally! Looks like you can go pretty wild with customizing. Here’s where everyone will probably be spending the first four hours.


That’s pretty extensive. Anyone who’s forgotten, have a look back at a video of ME1’s character creator. It wasn’t great :joy:


Sounds just like me!


Haha yeah that’s so true. On Dragon Age Inquisition I did something with my lips that caused my teeth to clip through them whenever my character spoke :joy:


Looks pretty mediocre to me. Especially the beard options.


Obviously spoilers ahead.


Interesting intro. Nice to actually see Ryder’s father appearance is affected by your own. Everything looks promising and there’s only a week left.


It seems you can upload your created characters data to the server. It means you can reuse it for another character, or maybe we’ll need it for a sequel.


Nope, not watching it. I’m done with watching Andromeda stuff, especially now that the demo is out. I’ve already seen too much and I regret giving in to my hype and spoiling too much for myself.


If it’s anything like the OT, each of our playthroughs will be very unique anyway. But yeah, I’ll be avoiding things as best I can now, not long left.


The animations are some WTF level stuff.

The laughter is edited in. The horrible animation and dialogue is not.


That’s weird. I’ve watched some gameplay over the last few days and it looks great. What exactly is coming across as mediocre?


That’s weird. It seems everyone is really happy with combat, but not so much with the characters and writing. Which is the opposite of what a Bioware game provides. Do you think there’s any chance things will improve later on? I know DAI didn’t really pick up till about 15 or so hours in.


I have to admit that the facial animations look pretty stiff. Ryder even looks like she’s got a smirk on her face at the end. Not a deal breaker for me but I hope Bioware can patch the hell out of this.


Try Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II. You may like it.


There also seems to be a group of players (mainly on Reddit) that have probably forgot what the OT was genuinely like. It was fantastic obviously, but a lot of the things they’re complaining about are issues that aren’t unique to this entry.

Bearing in mind, this coming from someone who hasn’t played the trial. It’s just an observation.



Shepard: “No one steals my ship!..Not even me!”


“My face is tired…” is an actual line in the script?!? :mask:

… I remember when a Bioware game sounded like one quotable line after another…

Like when Sovereign says:

“We impose order on the chaos of organic evolution. You exist because we allow it, and you will end because we demand it.”

I was like… "Wow…Give the writer a medal!"
Seems so long ago now…

There’s also something wrong with how the female Ryder’s default face was rigged. She seems to have a “slight smile” when the face is supposedly in neutral. It is messing up a lot of the cinematics (like when she says: “My father is dead.” slight smile).

Forget it… there’s something wrong with all the face poses…

They needed to repose all the mocap… Not just leave it on and hit save straight out of MotionBuilder… :frowning:

But Fem-Ryder is the biggest offender. She always looks like she’s about to laugh at something.

the correct neutral pose for mouth is supposed to be a “hinted frown”:

It’ll take a lot of work to fix all the Fem-Ryder face poses if they try to do it now until the final release. :frowning: