Mass Effect: Andromeda


It prohibits the game being commercially distributed there - so in theory if you went overseas, bought a copy and brought it back into the country then you are fine - however customs will attempt to block any sort of “commercial” import such as you buying it online and having it delivered.

For games that have an online connection element or DRM the Australian government often makes a deal where an “Australian” version can be imported into Australia and requires the publisher to ensure that nobody can play the non-Aussie version in Australia.

So if you bought the Australian version of Saints Row IV, you can only play multiplayer with other Australians because it has one side mission missing (Shaundi’s final loyalty mission).

So if Andromeda does have anything too kinky for the Classification Board, they’ll likely demand that EA make a version with that romance option removed etc and then require it to be policed by the patching and multiplayer servers.


That’s such a hassle, no wonder they opt for the “just ban it” instead. Fingers crossed they’ll give a pass for Mass Effect for your sake hey. The restricted online must be a nightmare too.

Glad I’m not in AU lol.


Honestly? I am still very optimistic and hopeful. The game looks great. I will not defend the team for shitty animations, they are indeed shitty and juggernauts like BioWare and EA should be held to some standards, but me, personally, I don’t really mind that match. I don’t care for visuals seriously enough to give up on the game. I’ve seen, played and enjoyed games with much worse animations.

The only thing that is REALLY bothering me are the eyes. Eyes are life, you can often tell what a person is feeling just by looking into their eyes, the human characters in ME:A have just these creepy, dead, blank stares, like their androids, this is some grade A uncanny valley shit, eyes are really putting me off. But the lipsync (ME3 intro has it way worse) and overall face movement, meh, I’d appreciate it being better in a dialogue and cutscene driven game like Mass Effect, but it’s not essential to my enjoyment. The awkward teeth grinding with these awkward grins could be fixed though.

Situations like bugs in walking/running animations and people teleporting are probably things that a single/small group of players encountered but they spread so fast that it makes you feel like every game has this going on. Peebee’s reverse gun is probably a treat for everyone though, still, it’s a 1 second scene in 100+ hours game, hardly a dealbreaker.

The gameplay demos I’ve seen so far look very promising, writing… haven’t seen enough to judge(trying to stay away from spoilers), but the “my face is tired” is just cringeworthy, I hope I won’t see many of those down the line. The fragments that were released to the public were fine, maybe a bit too often had a humorous accent to them in Liam’s loyalty mission, other than that I don’t have any major complaints with the game. I am still stoked af and I’m sure I will enjoy it, because these animations I believe are:

a) scarce
b) barely noticeable, unless you’re fishing for them
c) not the heart and soul of the game.

Besides, I will be playing with helmets on, so down on the planets I won’t even see these derpy movements when talking with peeps.

So, stay positive and I wish you all the best of fun with the game! I’ll see you in Andromeda :slight_smile:


omfg 0:18 is the most realistic disarm animation i’ve ever seen


These facial animations are killing me.


[quote=“Jarbinger, post:226, topic:12152”]
That also becomes a HR issue since you get people who don’t want to move (even a relatively short distance), people who don’t get along, etc.[/quote]

Definitely that is the biggest risk, I know of one publisher and its AAA franchise going into limbo as a result of cracking open its Team-A and redistributing them in the hopes they could pull up a bunch of Team-B’s to their level after Team-A made a really big hit.

They are still spinning around in limbo. So definitely it’s risky. But I think Andromeda showcases what’s at stake sometimes if you don’t do this.

Note: Pixar tried this also on TOY STORY 2. The result was that they had to re-do the movie in a little over the time it takes for a fetus to become a newborn baby - with Team-B “taking a break” while the guys who made the first film took over.

Actually I was really hoping the lighting TD and Texture artist at least could have been brought over. :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re talking “small wins” at this point. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the correct mindset all things considered. :slight_smile:


So I guess something like this is out of the question.:sob:


Mass Defect: Down Syndromeda


The animations and graphics do look pretty bad… but I don’t care too much about that kind of stuff at all.

People saying the gameplay and story aren’t good… that’s more worrisome. But I don’t know whether to trust those initial reports. The story and the characters need to develop over the course of the game.

On Crate and Crowbar, one of the guys who had played a lot of the game said it’s a lot more like Mass Effect 1, with less emphasis on combat and more of a focus on exploration and spending lots of time in maps with that Vangelis boom-bloo-boom-bloo-boom-bloo music in the background. That sounds awesome to me, but I can see why it wouldn’t be everyone’s cuppa.


apparently there’s been a lot of neckbeards bitching about bioware’s so-called ‘SJWism’… if you are gonna complain about anything, complain about the game itself, not this dumb, pointless gamergate bullshit.


I’ve heard that the lead facial animator has actually received a lot of threats and abuse online because of how it looks which is absolutely unacceptable.


That’s true.


Actually not the lead animator, just someone who works at EA in mocap and happened to be a woman - falsely identified as the lead animator by the Ralph Report.

Pretty much all misinformation to create a false narrative that Bioware has been hiring people based off ethnicity or gender rather than ability… rather than y’know, the possibility that game design on this level is super complicated and difficult.


That piece of shit still owns a website? Last I heard he was in prison for assaulting a police officer.


Wow @Sharpy47DeadlyShadow You were gone for like 4 months. Started worrying about you. Hows it been? you alright?


And the review scores are in.

A six out of ten from Gamespot.

A 3.5 out of 5 from Gamesradar+

As if you couldn’t see this happening a mile away.


i already knew this game would suck because of the letdown that was mass effect 3… and no it was not just the ending of that game that was terrible…


Didn’t that same GameSpot reviewer give No man’s Sky a 8/10? I just checked and they also gave Ghost Recon Wildlands a 7/10… yeah, let that sink in. If you really can’t decide whether or not to buy a game, read the reviews, or watch gameplay. But more interestingly, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a huge game like Mass Effect have opinions this polarizing. Some reviews say it’s combat is great, some don’t, some like the characters, some hate them. The only true constant is the existence of bugs and some below par facial animations. Maybe if that had been sorted out before release these reviewers would have had an easier time praising Andromeda’s strong points (I’m sure there’s some).

I get the feeling they didn’t even know what to score this thing. There’s the weight of the OT, the ME3 ending controversy and now this recent backlash over animations, any reviewer who says all that has absolutely no impact (even subconsciously) on their opinion is being naive. People often accuse the Press of going easy on big franchises like ME but in this case I think the opposite is true. If this had been new IP, the potential of this new “series” would have been lauded.

If nothing else, this whole thing shows how little nuance or subtlety we often have. If something isn’t the best or worst thing ever invented our brains simply overload. One 6/10 review is apparently Mass Effect “bombing”, “OMG u ruin Mas Efect”, etc, etc. Maybe it’s just ok, no?

Still buying. Luv u Mass Effect


This is a quote from the Forbes review. It felt like the most genuine of what I’ve read about ME over the last few days. Check out the full thing if your still on the fence about buying this thing.

“I have a feeling that Mass Effect fans will enjoy the game, but I don’t think anyone will claim it outclasses the original trilogy, outside of maybe the very first game. If you could combine the story and memorable quests of the originals with the combat, visuals and scope of Andromeda, you would have the perfect video game, though I think what’s offered here will satisfy most. Despite its issues, Andromeda is a welcome return to one of my favorite fictional universes, and I am still not ready to let Mass Effect go. I’m not sure I ever will be.”


The ME:A hate bandwagon is the most overblown event I’ve ever witnessed. EVERY game has bugs and Mass Effect 3 felt unfinished and derpy all over the place, yet everybody only acknowledges the ending as the only shortcoming that game had.

I’m excited and I will definitely pick it up and enjoy it.