Mass Effect: Andromeda


Seems like there’s still some leftover hate from ME3 that’s seeping into Andromeda. Best to just treat that crap as null and void. I like some the the reviews I’ve read and even if this game isn’t as good as ME2, it’s not enough to discourage me from checking it out. Still though, I’m gonna wait for some player reviews.


Hm, i loved Mass Affect 3 so much that i had to buy Mass Effect 2 and (i loved Mass Effect 2 as well) so i could restart Mass Effect 3 with imported save from Mass Effect 2, but this one? Thanks, but no thanks, yes, mostly because of the bad face animations, buyng this is like telling the game developers that we will buy everything and i will not do that, i can live with bugs, but poor animations is not worth paying £60 for.


So would you recommend waiting for a sale?


Agreed. I think one of the primary things is having fun. I am more concerned about some bugs reported in reviews (like fps issues on PS4, teleporting player character) at the moment, than facial animations.


Thanks for the heads up. I believe you but I’m still set on waiting at least a week first. :wink:


That’s 100% a smart move.


That’s funny because the first is my favourite ME game


It’s probably my favourite too, but when you replay it now, after playing 2 and 3, it becomes apparent that a lot of the great things from the OT weren’t that great until 2. Combat was interesting, but there were some obvious frustrations. I actually prefer it’s non stick cover and manual crouching, it made it feel very military, but it’s execution was hit and miss. Some of my favourite characters were boring in 1 too, Garrus and Wrex come to mind.

So I can see why Andromeda might be considered better than 1, especially if it does go on to get a sequel that improves on it as much as ME2 improved on ME1. I will say though, the sense of awe ME1’s first 10 or so hours provide still holds up. That’s practically impossible to recreate, since unlike in 2007, these species and technologies are a known quantity.


Set up a south korean vpn and I’m ready to go :slight_smile:


After playing about 10 hours, those 6/10 reviews are absurd.

There are some missteps, but it makes some huge leaps from the OT. It’s now an RPG again! With loads of potential skills to choose from and tons of gear and weapons to research and develop, both of which have overlapping traits that encourage you to build specific loadouts to be at your most efficient. That’s especially true on Insanity.

For anyone playing on higher difficulties, combos are your friend. Especially the ones you can execute on your own.

Maybe it was good going into this with ultra low expectations. If this wasn’t Mass Effect, it would have reviewed very differently.


Sounds like Andromeda is this year’s No Man’s Sky. Overhyped, not terrible, but definitely not as great as it could have been.


It looks like it. But, there’s a difference between being cheated and feeling cheated. :slight_smile:


No Man’s Sky was an unfinished mess and the marketing campaign was full of lies. 60 for an indie game that wasn’t complete. I tried to play that game but the entire gameplay loop was “mine things to improve your inventory so you can mine more things.” There was nothing to do. That shit was hated for good reason.

Mass Effect Andromeda is fine. It’s not perfect, but it’s fine. The rampant hate is certainly unjustified.


i’m still very disappointed in the auto-dialogue. either they did not have enough time for more dialogue options like in ME1 and 2 (fuck you EA), or they did not learn their lesson from ME3.

the auto-dialogue is not only a problem for roleplaying since it takes away control of the character from the player, but it’s also a big problem when ryder automatically gives his viewpoint on a subject without your permission, but it’s not a viewpoint that you agree with.


Mass Effect 2 was my favourite. Is this worth getting now? Or shall I wait till its like £25. I just want to have an Alien girlfriend and cruise the galaxy kicking ass and taking names. If it’s a must buy I’ll put it on my credit card now.

Are the new alien races cool? Ive head the characters aren’t on par with the previous titles in Garrus and Wrex.


The biggest sin this game committed is being a Mass Effect game. It’s just another Diablo and Half Life case. Expectations too high, franchise loved too much, anything short of perfection will be labeled as “shit”. Plus we live in a post Witcher 3 world, which I have not played (yet) but everywhere I go it’s brought up as one of the best games ever made, so now, every other RPG will be compared to it.

When it comes to popular and loved franchises, there is this problem where people don’t accept any kind of mediocrity, the game either has to be 10/10 Witcher 3-like or it is a piece of shit, rubbish, trash etc. Not ok, not good, not fun, not pretty good. Game mostly gets 7/10 scores and people freak out, like it’s something bad. Many gamers are just cancer, entitled cancer on top of that.


Well I still remember the feelings we had going into ME3… The feeling of “This is it! This is the mother of all battles!”

I think ME3 was special in the sense that no developer could have hoped to live up to the expectation that key decisions all the way from the first game would add up to multiple endings in ME3. Let’s face it. That was the belief at the time.

We all imagined a “super game to end a super trilogy”. ME3 in the end was a pretty good game. But it had no hope of fulfilling the expectations of 10,000,000 different Shepards who each had 10,000,000 different ideas of how to refute the Reaper agenda or how to argue the Synethetics-VS-Organics argument… and naively believed that decisions taken with other races across all 3 games would somehow “fit together”.

It was just impossible.

The issue with Andromeda is more basic… it’s really down to quality. But I think the fact the trilogy is loved to a large extent just adds more fuel to it.

If anything I feel Andromeda was a missed opportunity. I also feel the same way about ME3’s ending.


Witcher 3 is over hyped too imo. The combat is very much a flawed system that favors style over solid, fun mechanics. The talent trees are horrible. I never was excited to level up and in an RPG that’s a shame. And I found gear to be underwhelming. As far as “gameplay” goes the Witcher 3 has some major flaws.

Witcher 3 has a reputation because it has one of the best writing teams in the industry. For me it was the best written game since New Vegas.


One of the main reasons for the reputation of Witcher 3 is that it has improved upon its previous installments.


I enjoyed the EA Access Trial a lot. It feels like Mass Effect most of the time, but the jetpack gameplay and the exploring with the Nomad is fun as hell. The game has potential.