Mass Effect: Andromeda


It could’ve been done, if only EA hadn’t rushed the team to relase. ME3 was very rushed and it reaaaaly shows when you play the game. It feels vastly unfinished.


I’ll probably wait till it goes down in price. Seems like a lot of mixed reviews.


It’s about to go down, boys.


Just like all the face animations


I don’t really mind them all that much.


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I’m about 12 hours in, and I’m thoroughly enjoying myself. It’s more Mass Effect! There’s a cool mystery! I feel like an explorer!

The game kinda looks like crap, especially since I’m playing with all the settings on low, but whatever. That’s not why I play Mass Effect. I still think Mass Effect 1 is an awesome game, and it’s not like that game looked worse.


After playing for 10 hours I’m kinda… well disappointed. This is not a bad game or anything but it’s not great either. Because this is a Mass Effect game it really has high expectations by everyone who has played the OT, and it simply doesn’t deliver on these expectations.

Now ignoring all the comments on the facial animations and the (yes it’s quite wonderful) combat I want to focus on the thing that actually drove the original three Mass Effect games: Narrative.
At the moment I have the full party and, while it’s not far in the story, can see some glaring issues with the crew. I want to say that you shouldn’t compare it to the crew we love with Garrus, Wrex, et al. but it feels like the writers did it themselves.
We have the two humans (Cora-Liam/Kaidan-Ashley) the krogan (Drack/Wrex) the asari (Liara/Peebee) the turian (Garrus/Vetra) and the other one (Tali/Jaal). This alone isn’t that bad per se but the fact that they act as if they have fought the Illusive man alongside each other makes me wanna throw something at the TV. Character buildup is skipped entirely and why can you start the loyalty mission right at the start??

The removal of the Paragon/Renegade system is the biggest loss here. The choices you can make aren’t really that different from each other. It’s mainly just “Logic” or “Emotional” with most choices and, again, they don’t differ that much. There are moments when I want to yell/punch/whatever renegade at the people on the Nexus but the option is never there! Let me be a bitch to Peebee like I was with Ashley, I need that!!

Well this was a great post to make. Really had to say something about this game :sweat_smile:
If you’re still not sure to buy Andromeda I will say wait for it to drop in price. Meanwhile play the OT because in the end the buildup is a lot better.


everyone complains about the animations, and while they are dreadful, the real issue is auto-dialogue. it cripples the roleplaying in the game, as ryder automatically gives his stance on a subject without your input


For some odd reason you also need to stand still and listen to the conversation or else you risk triggering another conversation (e.g. finding a corpse or that stupid SAM (EDI is better) saying something) and never be able to hear it again. Really bothers me because I want to explore and listen, not do nothing and listen. :confused:


Yes they are. You just don’t get a big RED RENEGADE warning for the choice, you have to read it.

“Renegade” actions still exist. You can do violent brutal things.


Yeah there’s definitely less "are you going save the orphans? Or kill off an entire species? " scenarios. The choices are often more subtle. It’s generally a case of being professional or unprofessional, which fits the character and story well. Though I’d like to see that shift back towards how it was with Shepard if Andromeda gets a sequel (not paragon/renegade though).

Check out the codex as well. Yourself and other character’s profiles are continuously updated as you play. I was surprised how much was accounted for.


Theres some really cool details. In the first mission, when you see those flying creatures, Ryder says something like “Cora will love them”, but that comment only triggers if you have a conversation with her before you left.

Theres also a part in an escape pod where the seatbelt which closes over everyone automatically doesn’t fit over Dracks head (the Krogan) , so it just bobs up and down. The thing is, I might not have even taken Drack.


This would be an improvement actually. Didn’t like how in the original trilogy there were basically all these “red flags”…


This scared the hell out of me just now.


I have been waiting for this.


I can’t stop playing this game. It’s great.


I was intent on waiting a bit longer (I’m short on cash anyway) but as it turns out, my brother bought me a copy as a late birthday gift. Time to get lost in the new space odyssey tonight. :relieved:


forget the animations. the roleplaying is just terrible with this auto-dialogue.

people say this game is great because of the shooting, but then it just becomes another cover shooter like every other game on the market. it’s no longer mass effect


Another gold one.