Mass Effect: Andromeda

#41 I find the super deluxe edition weirder.


I loved ME1 and 2. The ending of 3 though was complete garbage so I’ll wait to see how Bioware handles this.

I’d be surprised if it doesn’t get delayed till atleast end of next year though.



Ending is totally fine with the Extended Cut dlc.


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it’s Dragon age Inquisition in space.


I take it you’re not a fan of Dragon Age?


On the contrary, DA O and DA 2 ruled.

Couldn’t finish DA I, too MMO like, empty worlds, etc.


Fair enough. I liked it but to each’s own.


I’ve always been fan of Mass Effect, the engaging characters, story line, the futuristic space setting.

I’ve never played 3 but have always meant too. Got the Trilogy really cheap on PC so I’m playing through 1 again, finishing 2 then playing 3 for the first time.

It’s the only game set in space apart from Dead Space I can think of that I love. It’s kinda like Star Trek and Star Wars had a child and made a fantastic videogame. I’m really looking forward to the new Mass Effect game. I hope it’s kinda like a reboot and we get a new Trilogy.

This is one of the few new releases that I’ll pick up straight away.


You mean you don’t love KOtoR I&II, Jedi Knight series, Republic Commando, Battlefront 2 and Alien Isolation? :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, I envy you. Take your time and enjoy it, man. Also, GET THE DLCs! Citadel in particular is fantastic.


Nope. Apart from the Alien games I haven’t played those titles. Dead Space, Alien/ Predator series, Red Faction, DOOM, Quake etc are all set in space but games which focus on Space travel, inter galactic worlds, Alien species I haven’t played many. Do you have any recommendations for games similar Mass Effect? I like real time combat and it must involve shooting :smiley: After all what’s the point of meeting new creatures if you can’t blast them away.


Are DLCs included in the Trilogy? I hope so.


I don’t think so, sadly :frowning:


That looks cool so far.


That’s a shame. I’ve just downloaded the graphics Overhaul Mod for ME1. Kids are sleeping Mrs has gone out. Time for some beer and Mass Effect!!!
Just gotta say the soundtrack is brilliant!

I’ll keep my eye out for those DLC


ikr, main menu music gets me every time :smile:


You know one thing that’s often mentioned through out the Mass Effect games but I never got to see? The option to throw somebody out an airlock!

It’s something I’ve heard time and time again but if that can happen in the new game? Well…:smiling_imp:


Welp. There’s No Man’s Sky alright :smiley: you should definitely play KOtoR though. Especially 2.

Do we even know why we’re forced to leave Milky Way?


Well the new theme is we’re this Pathfinder on a quest to find a new home, so maybe that means we fucked up the old one?