Mass Effect: Andromeda


I loved the original triolgy’s combat too, but if you watched a demo of it, it probably looks pretty boring, like most great RPGS. I’m not saying Andromeda is as good or better, I haven’t played it either, but this demo is definitely not how we should be judging it.

This “IGN First” thing is basically a company (like EA) getting in touch with IGN and saying “sell our game to your audience”. I think this video does just that. As you said, the guy playing is terrible, and he’s getting away with it since he’s definitely playing on Normal difficulty or lower. He shows off some abilities but they all feel pointless, as anyone who’s played a videogame before knows he could’ve progressed using only his right and left trigger. I don’t think that will be the case on the highest difficulty. I’m dissapointed that squad controls have been simplified, but you can still trigger those 1-2 combos of abilities from previous games, and you can still tell them where to stand in combat, maybe that will be enough. We’ll see.

I had such a great experience with the original trilogy, even if Andromeda ends up being terrible the series will have still more than justified what I’ve given to Bioware in return. Let’s be honest, there’s not much else to be that excited for until maybe Prey, so fuck it. All aboard the hype train. :joy:


Styx: Shards of Darkness is still a good thing to be excited about :slight_smile:

As for the squad commands, you can tell them what to attack and I think you can tell them where to go, not sure about it though. They use their abilities on their own.

I dislike the idea with all classes being available at all times… takes away much of replayability.


I look forward to this as I thoroughly enjoyed Shepards trilogy.

I think the key thing here is to look at it openly as another game altogether. I am also positive some will be disappointed in andromeda and whether or not this will be a trilogy or just a one off will remain to be seen.


It won’t remain the be seen, BioWare already stated some time ago, that Andromeda is a stand-alone game, not another epic storyline spanning several games.


David Bateson should voice a cloned, enhanced, alien assassin called Agent 74.

And if he becomes a companion his special moves could be “Assassination” (a powerful sniper shot) and “Anonymous”, which lets him use advanced tech to assume the physical appearance of his enemies for a brief time and take them out undetected. lol


If Andromeda is a success, expect sequels.


Well, I’m sure there will be sequels, Mass Effect is a major thing, but not the ones like original ME had, with a TV show format, cliffhangers, transferring saves and all that. Andromeda is its own thing.


Also, on a sidenote, with all the promotional stuff having female protagonist… I guess femshep is the canon one this time around, huh?


Not canon, just more popular.


Never say never :wink:


“This is only part 1” isn’t something you put on the back of your box. I’m pretty sure they would have been as tight lipped during ME1’s marketing as well. There’s no need to commit to anything just yet.

During Game Informer’s coverage, when asked if players should hold onto their saves, someone at Bioware said it “it wouldnt do any harm” or something vague like that.


Well, we can only theorize, but personally I think they already decided that Andromeda is a self-contained story, I also think that they got a little scared by the whole big trilogy, transferring saves thing, mainly because of the ending backlash. People expected god knows what, all of their tiniest decisions being a factor on the Crucible. I mean they received death treats and whatnot. I’d be pretty distanced too. A trilogy like that is a major endeavour, and I’m not sure BioWare will attempt it again anytime soon, but who knows, I may be wrong. We’ll know it eventually.


This looks awesome, kinda fixed that bitter taste in my mouth that the IGN gameplay left there.


I’m trying to go into this open minded. It’s clear they’re using this as a fresh start and a chance to try new things. I hope it’s succesful, it’d be a shame of we don’t get to see more of this franchise.


I think it will be fine and BioWare won’t pull another Inquisition after all the complaints. I’m kinda worried about the number of explorable worlds though, doesn’t seem like there will be many, judging by that “handful” as the narrator described, and the videos/screenshots don’t feature many distinguishable neither. Oh well, at least they will be big, BioWare says that one planet is the size of whole Inquisition.


During Game Informer’s coverage back in December, one of the journalists there said he was suprised with just how many planets there were. Take that with a pinch of salt obviously, who knows what he was expecting.


They said there are over 100 planets but a “handful” of them you can land on.


be careful when getting your hopes up. no man’s sky promised exploration too and look how that turned out…

also when will they release a gameplay video on roleplaying and storytelling already?! how will the new dialogue system work? is there a reputation system like the paragon/renegade system in the older games? what about decision making?

i think the devs chose not to do release a video on this because they don’t want to spoil anything, but detroit: become human was not afraid of releasing a video to show some of their decision-making mechanics. if you have to spoil a bit of the story to show some of how the roleplaying works, then it’s fine.


That’s pretty much true of the last three games. Besides, I don’t need a hundred. A bit too much for me.


I guess it will work like Inquisition. There is no Paragon/Renegade, there are “tones”… logical, professional, casual and emotional.

@Nazareth yeah I thought so too, about the older games, that’s why I’m surprised people are disappointed by it, I mean what were they expecting.