Mass Effect: Andromeda


No Man’s Sky promised features that straight up weren’t in the game, that game has exploration, it’s pretty much all it has actually. That’s different to Mass Effect fans being dissapointed there isn’t more planets in Andromeda. There’s no reason to suggest Bioware won’t provide everything they’ve promised. Unless by ‘handful’ of planets to explore, someone with big hands assumes they mean 25 huge maps. That isn’t happening.

That Detroit game needs to show off decision making videos, since that’s all they have to show off, there’s no other type of gameplay. If they released a video dedicated to combat, it’d be pretty boring.

If this wasn’t “Mass Effect” we’d all just be excited to play a really cool looking RPG. The only reason we want more videos is to see if this is going to live up to our own image of what a great “Mass Effect” is. I think it’s best we forget all of that. Think of it as an entirely new product. If the trailers show off a product you like the look of, buy it. If they don’t, well don’t buy it. That way you won’t set yourself up for dissapointment.


I actually prefer a format Andromeda is going with way more than the OT’s (especially ME2 and ME3) heavily streamlined experience. (OT - original trilogy)

Those games were very linear, to the point where you could tell there is a fight coming, just by the sheer amount of covers scattered around the room, there was never a surprise, you saw crates/blocks/rocks, you knew you’re gonna fight. ME2 had barely any RPG left in it, with like… 4 abilities with 4 ranks per character? I think that’s how it was. ME3 improved on that, but still not enough.

Andromeda seems to have much more to it, much more things to do, more things to manage, more of everything, really, crafting, gathering shit and these vaults that sound like some MMO dungeon are especially interesting. Aaand it’s in the Mass Effect universe, so I like it already.

I’m not saying the linear nature of OT was bad, it wasn’t, great characters, great universe created and fascinating story made up for all of that. I’m just saying that I’ll happily try something different, with not much worse story at that I’ll bet, or even better one, who knows.

What I like the most about Andromeda’s story is that it seems to be much more… personal, find us a new home and all that. OT was so epic, pompous and high stakes with its “save the world galaxy” premise that it basically used all of that up, again, not a bad thing, I just want something different this time around.

I’m happy that it won’t be a trilogy (allegedly) and I won’t be hung up on a cliffhanger, just get a nice neat ending and I’ll feel complete… until the next game comes out.


Yeah I think they went the right way with the story. Anything that tried to up the ante again would have just felt lackluster. You can’t really get any bigger than what Shepard did, so it’s a good idea to move the story in a completely new direction instead.

I hope there’s a good reason for these characters to have Weapons/combat training. I felt like the OT was kept grounded thanks to its military theme, even when it was introducing alien species and planets. Have they said anything regarding that? Are they ex-cops, ex-military?


I assume by “they” you mean squadmates, so here you go.

But is it really needed? I mean Tali and Liara were just basically kids and that didn’t stop them.


Its not that I think they’re more or less capable, I just thought it made the OT’s over the top Sci-Fi more believable. It seems Scott (or whatever you call him) has a military background, then there’s obviously a mix of different backgrounds between the squad mates. I’m happy with that. It also seems you can tweak your characters history ala Mass Effect 1 as well. I’m sure it’s a 1 of 3 option again.

Anyone decided on male or female yet? I always go male just because it’s easier for me to relate to them, but I know how popular FemShep was.


Imma make a female and give her a fro or cornrows or some shit


Haha yeah I heard the character creator is a little more colourful than last time, so you can go a little crazy.


I like playing as both whenever a game presents the option. Odds are I’ll be a male first though.


I’m going with male too. I did play as femshep once but I dunno, call me old fashioned but women just don’t feel right to me when I’m trying to immerse myself into a military juggernaut kind of character.


I’ll definitely pick this up. The only issue is I have such a backlog of games that I still have to get around playing that I don’t know if i’ll be able to get this at launch.


So, I just realized I won’t be able to pick this up on Steam (which is BS).
Anyone have opinions on Origin?



Here, take my gun


lol. She didn’t miss. That was a biotic punch. The shockwave is invisible.


Origin is fine. Works well, support is very helpful and sometimes even gives away discounts, I don’t use it when I’m not playing games on it, but it never caused me any issues, unlike some other platform… looking at you Ubisoft.


It seems it still has that Bioware animation charm (or jank).


wait, so my shepard is actually a pedo for romancing tali??? shudders


Imagine trying to legislate a world where different species have different lifespans. :confused:

Liara is about 100(?) years older than Shepard.


There are 7 “golden worlds”, basically planets that might be habitable. Which I’m sure translates to 7 playable zones. I’m sure there’ll be other more linear single player missions that take place outside these, but they’re probably the places you can explore openly.


Just dug this fossil up.