Mass Effect: Andromeda


Ryder should listen to this once a week in his cabin so that he never gets too cocky.


A brief bit on driving, exploring and upgrading.


And the award for the best comment goes to this man:


:laughing: I guess if the Nomad had his face on it, then this would be game of the year for him.


786 likes for that nonsense


I think he’s joking.


We got a launch trailer today.


Of course at this point in time, this is just a rumor or a stupid slip-up which people might just be reading-in a bit too much, but this incident forces me to give you some credit back. Take a look.


The whole PAX gameplay and Q&A panel.


Haha yeah its probably a good idea not to read too much into it right now. They’ve also said Shepard and Mako loads of times as well.

They’re most likely just waiting to see how fans react to the characters, if feedback is positive we might see Ryder again (and get to carry our saves). Even their response to questions about dlc was cagey, basically saying we “we don’t know yet”.


Totally different topic, but a very interesting theory has raised about the Andromeda Initiative, not sure if you’ve heard of it, keep in mind, if this theory turns out to be true, it may contain heavy spoilers.

Also, more content from PAX East.


Wow. Not gonna lie: that’s a pretty solid theory. Could be connected to the yet unknown background of the Ryder family Bioware talked about.


Yep, here’s more, this video touches on some new things, but also repeats some things. Still, an interesting watch.


Everything is fine and exciting, good dialogue, gameplay and everything but… just that dead look in everyone’s face when they are talking is annoying.
The eyes seems so dead, looks like they are unable to express any emotions. Talking robots or some thing.


Mass Effect has always had weird animations. It’s kind of a tradition at this point.


I don’t really mind it because for the sake of atmosphere and the Mass Effect feeling, I will be playing with helmets on :smiley: so they will mask it, besides, it doesn’t look half as bad as people make it out to be, it could be better, but I’ve seen way worse.


Yeah I’m hyped as well. It’s not out till the Thursday in Ireland (23/3), so I might get the digital version on my US account. Is there much reason to get deluxe version? There’s no season pass I don’t think.


I don’t suppose we’ll get a video about character customization. I’m sick of the default faces already.


Shepards default face in the original trilogy was cool. Ryder could not be more generic.

I wonder how long it’ll be before there’s a “How to create Shepard in Andromeda” video online.


Not announced at least. Mac Walters said they have a long support planned for MP and they will just wait for the feedback and see how it goes from there.