Middle-Earth: Shadow of War


I will never a buy a full priced game that has micro-transactions, it will create a precedent that will mess with the games balance, and dont bother with the “its optional” song, i don’t believe them at all when they say it won’t mess with the gameplay system, they don’t put it there just for show.

Just look at the end-game grind to get the final ending and credits where you have to defend 20 fortresses with legendary orcs, annoying grind added just to entice the player to buy them, and that will be just the beginning.

Even though i know that my stance will not change anything, just like season passes or pre-order dlcs, cause most don’t care about what these things will do for the future of gaming

Shame really, the game looks awesome and i loved the first one. :pensive:


In Mordor, it did. If that’s the case in war, there must be a reason why they changed it.


That’s what they said, but in Mordor, decapitating them didn’t always get rid of them. I had several come back despite being rendered headless earlier.


Yes. Decapitation will result in orcs never returning. But sometimes they do return. Maybe a programming glitch or something.
But 90-95% of times they do not return after decapitation.


I didn’t notice in Mordor. Might have been a bug.


Here you go! Explanation of the “return” feature in detail.


the game didnt understand me

don’t know what that running this is, but I assume I got bored of the game long before this upgrade

I’m proud of you

I guess I have to wait until a transport system is invented in middle-earth

critical schmitical, it was a button mashing game and you know it


Very interesting. Something I’ll have to try out in another playthrough.


If you had to mash buttons, then the game’s not for you.


Lol. Games shouldn’t be catered to us, we need to adjust to them.

How did I guess right that you didn’t play it right. You rage quit before getting any upgrades. Wtf. Lol.

Lol. Games need to be different. Not all the same.

Lmao. Any knowledgeable player of the game knows it is not.


no, in the future, all games will be adjusted to us. This is the correct way

I didn’t feel like cheating. I either run or walk, but never shadow run. That is illegal and uncool.

every game would be better if they were the same.

you are not a knowledgeable player, you know nothing. I am master of Shadow of Mordor.


[quote=“ostmost, post:197, topic:15161”]
no, in the future, all games will be adjusted to us. This is the correct way[/quote]

That’s a noobs mentality. Are you saying you’re a noob? Not sure if you’re being sarcastic, trolling or serious.

Considering you’re already dead, now I know you’re trolling.

Confirmed troll. Useless talking to you. Have fun being alone.


Decapitated orcs coming back isn’t a bug or a glitch. When they return they’ll have stitches on their neck, they might gain a title like “the Stitched”, and they’ll have dialogue in which they yell at you about your having cut off their heads.


Didn’t knew that.
I don’t play that game with that much attention.
When I first played SOM, I couldn’t get used to combat. So I left it. After some months I played it again and liked more than I thought I would.


Game was cracked by Codex in less than 24 hours.
and damm that almost 100 GB download.




I found that out yesterday.


Sorry mate but unless you play the game, you can’t comment. The lootboxes are optional and have no effect on the game


Yep, mine had a right go because I cut his off, his last death was multiple stabbing in the head lol


I’m in love with SoW which I acquired almost half as cheap on Chinese websites.

I’m still going crazy about Bubol Gold-Fang, my personal nemesis from SoM, returning and kicking my ass all over again.

That’s him in the first game

That’s him in the new game giving me a boss fight

That’s him returning after that boss fight after I killed him with a poison blade