Middle-Earth: Shadow of War


Ok forget what i said but Look what i said 9 days ago:

And they frekin did it man. That gameplay is epic!


On that I can agree 1000% percent. :heart_eyes:


I seriously doubt it but it be pretty cool if it was.


It’s often said yeah, but this year’s first 3 months having been stronger than all of last year, so there’s some merit to it right now. That’s not difficult though, considering how mediocre 2016 was.

It is good to appreciate what we have right now though, rather than constantly assume everything we see in (what might be extremely scripted) promotional material will be better than (or even as good as) what we have now. This looks great and all, it really does, but we have yet to see anything from Shadow of War outside of this well edited 15 minute demo. Hitman 2016 is fantastic, Horizon Zero Dawn is amazing, you don’t always need to have the next thing.

This is what I want from games though, systems which allow players to forge their own stories through their own actions. I’ll be curious to see if it all plays out as well as it did in this demo.

Also, what’s going on with the fighting? Is everything aside from bosses one hit kills now? And is it open world anymore, or just bases?


It’s still open world, split into regions (so I hear). I didn’t play the first one but this gameplay has me hyped for sure. I might have to make room for a third AAA game this year. HITMAN Season 2 and Red Dead 2 can’t come fast enough.


We had the same ability in the first game. Odds are it’ll come with advantages and limits like the first time too.

According to the video it still is open world. They just jumped ahead to the siege to show off some of the new features.


But the thing is anyone who played Shadow of Mordor knows that more than 70% of all of the moves shown in the video are very much possible. Because it seems they did not change much from the core mechanics of last game. Which makes it reassuring that this could very well be the actual game-play.

If you want to experience some of the amazing part of this gameplay shown in the video you can download and play the first one right now. I assure you, you wont be dissapointed. There is a reason this game was GOTY 2014


i hope based on the trailer the enemies will just swarm you at once. so u cant just run in and take over a castle by youself. that’d be wack


If you played the first one, you would know that you cant do that. They do swarm you and you have no choice but to run away.
It has to be tactical stealth if you go in alone.


Oh yeah, most of the time their numbers are endless. Still…getting into those fights is a lot of fun. Half the time I find myself tempted to do so.


i did play the first one. i recall they just charged at me one at a time to get slaughtered. and since there were no difficulty levels u couldnt change that.


Going up against a horde of Uruks and a Captain head on in the original game was basically a death sentence. Just charging in mindlessly definitely won’t be a viable tactic this time either by the looks of things.

Is it just me or are the character models seemingly lower poly than Shadow of Mordor? Still looks great though.


probably. there does seem to be a much bigger scale and many more npcs at play at once. and also this was alpha footage so im sure it’ll improve before release


I considered getting the first one and watched a lot of gameplay. In the end it didn’t interest me quite enough to justify spending the money. What I want is for Shadow of War to expand upon the core gameplay that made it’s predecessor so great. If it turns out to be better I’ll probably pick it up. If not, then I may go back to the first one.


You mean you’re going to wait to play through the second game before getting the first? If you’re interested in the new one then you’ll enjoy the first game guaranteed. Plus you can get it pretty cheap now.


No, I’m going to wait to see if the second is any good (looking at reviews and gameplay). If it turns out to be average then I’ll probably go and buy the first one.


That’s what he said basically. You’re confusing us both. Lol

So if the second one is good/amazing, are you going to skip the first and just get the second?? Cuz that’s how you’re making it sound. But either way, you should get the first. It’s still awesome. And you’ll understand the nemesis system a lot better that way instead of just jumping into the second one which will be a much more complex nemesis system.


I really hope so. It seems to be expanding in all the right ways.



LOL they actually made this officially based on Youtube comments: