Middle-Earth: Shadow of War


Wasn’t expecting something big on the story side. However it seems like they are pushing the lore forward as well.


Yeah, might be some human characters I could grow to care about this time around. Nothing against those in the first game but they were simply outshined by pretty much all the enemies.


Middle-earth: Shadow of War E3 Gameplay Demo - E3 2017: Microsoft Conference


Looks like humans and other allies will once again be losing the spotlight to the Orcs. :smile:


The shrek guy is hilarious.



Which is a total turn off for me. This game is starting to lose it allure for me. I really dislike things like taking over castles/areas. It makes gameplay way too repetitive and boring.

Mordor was a little more serious and had talion focus on being alone and stealthy until the later stages of the game. This game is all out war (it seems) and for me, that might get a bit too boring too fast.


I think taking castles is the story focus. From what I can see, the option to be stealthy is still present but they’re just showing off the new features.


I have similar concerns. This could get boring fast.



Just watched the open world gameplay walkthrough video. The gameplay involves all the stuff present in Shadow of Mordor, along with capturing forts. So, here’s hoping it doesn’t get boring too soon.


Can you link me?



It’s the one I have posted above.


Nemesis System explained a bit…



October? Fuck, I thought it was August. :sob:


microtransactions ftw :sweat:


Just don’t buy them. It’s still single player. :slight_smile:
Also, don’t they say the chests are very rare? Is it not possible to unlock them in-game at all without spending money?

Edit: Answered my own question after reading this.



Aaaaaaaaaaand its off my wishlist…might pick it up when its dirt cheap for a fiver, no more than that. From a grey market site just to be sure the money wont go to the publisher.

Don’t like them and wont support it, even if they are not forced which doesn’t seem to be in SOW.
I don’t want singleplayer games having these systems, its useless, back in the old days if you wanted to “cheat” you just used cheat-codes or the console, call me paranoid. but i fear if we let this be and ignore it in the future they will abuse this system by making items harder to acquire and/or ruin the games balance.

Just like pre-order DLCs or season passes it will most probably “pass” and be the “norm” cause the majority of consumers are fucking :sheep:


Just weird that a full priced singleplayer game has microtransactions. The game + season pass already costs 99,99€.


Fuck the season pass. I didn’t even pick up any of the dlc from the first one.