Middle-Earth: Shadow of War


I picked it up and you missed nothing, the DLC was boring.


Loved Shadow of Mordor but will wait until the heavy discounts (50% or higher) due to the transactions.

Will better spend my money on Wolfenstein 2 and Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.


Pretty much went full Stockholm Syndrome there. It’s a dirty business practice, plain and simple. They can go fuck themselves as far as I’m concerned, not about to drop a $ on this.


Not at all. I hate microtransactions in any form in any game. I bought SoM with all DLCs after a hefty discount and loved the game. Will probably do the same for this title. I was just saying that it’s not exactly a pay to win system as it’s only single player.


Yeah, come on. The game and the season pass costs $100. Why the fuck are they including microtransactions too? Unnecessary.


As long as you don’t need them to be successful and you can earn them by just playing the game, then I have no issues with micro transactions. It gives options to ppl and options is always good.

If someone wants to buy it, buy it. If it doesn’t affect you, then why care?



Just found out the game requires a constant internet connection, you can thank the “market” and microtransactions for that…


At least Hitman has an offline mode now, if this becomes the norm, gaming is fucked.



that’s a tad hyperbolic


Will be for me at least, i have an unstable connection so i wont be able to play anything without constantly being disconnected.

AND if the servers or company go down, in the future, what will you do then?
A piece of gaming history would go down

Now you may or may not care what happens in 20-50 years, but if someone wanted to play DOOM (1993) today can you imagine if the game required a net connection always, what would happen? He wouldn’t be able to play.


Its ok to have online features, leader boards challenges etc But don’t force the players to be always connected.

The only reason this is here now is cause of the market, to protect their precious micro-transactions, another reason to hate them


Doesn’t the article you linked say that it’s online-only “at the moment” or something of the sort? As with HITMAN there’s no guarantee it’ll stay that way forever, and honestly the only logical option is that it won’t.


With hope, but that doesn’t make it ok to launch like this

Logical+business companies don’t go well together


So now there’s a possibility that this will be online only? Well that just took a shit on my hopes. Suddenly I’m very close to ditching this game.


Ok, now im not sure.

A mod in the steam forums says its not online only and requires a connection only at launch and when you access the marketplace.

That said, i would wait for more sources and reports on this, something that i should have done in the first place before posting my angry message.

I’m sorry for crying wolf like that. :frowning:


If it’s false then no harm, no foul.


Designing a game around a skinner box is never going to only affect people who purchase microtransactions, it affects everyone. GTA5’s online could be good if it wasn’t designed to sell shark cards.


If you’re going to quote me, at least take what I said and keep it in context. “Grabbing” 1 line doesn’t make sense to what I said. You missed this part:

Gta shark cards gives an advantage over other people, no? That’s what I’m against and that’s the context I was speaking in.



I’m not even considering the pay2win aspect since Shadow of War is a single player game, it’s irrelevant to my argument.

I’m saying that a game like Hitman with reliable and simple cosmetic reward systems are much more satisfying to play than games that are built to sell gambling boxes. Skinner box games are built from the ground up to take advantage of people. I don’t need cosmetics to be successful or anything in a single player game, but it’s part of the fun, and if I paid 60 for it, I expect cosmetics that don’t require luck / absurd amounts of time to achieve.


Okay, so why were you quoting our posts then? Those were around microtransactions. :slight_smile:


But you brought up gta 5 which isn’t a single player game, which has that pay2win aspect sort of so your irrelevance has become relevant to everything you just said before.

I’ve played games where micro transactions worked. You can buy gear early or you can play the game and earn it.

That’s all I said and I have no idea what you’re arguing. Lol.

I’m mind boggled, myself. lol.


I’m talking about the microtransaction loot boxes found in the Shadow of War videos. What else would I be talking about?

@D1NGdong I brought up GTA5 because their shark card economy is a nightmare. It’s not a nightmare because of pay2win issues and that’s why I’m saying that part is irrelevant to me. The GTA online experience is a grindfest that is not fun.

When developers make games around these grindfest systems to sell tons of microtransactions the games suffer. It makes the experience worse for everyone even if you aren’t buying microtransactions.