Middle-Earth: Shadow of War


Well isn’t it because it’s pay2win, to a degree? If you don’t spend, you fall behind, and quite fast to others who spend more, no? I’m not familiar with gta online.

And that’s what I’m talking about. If it’s at a point where the MT affect your gameplay experience, then ya, thtssnwhat ive been saying, not cool. But there’s a few games I’ve played with MT that had no effect on gameplay as earning them was easy enough. And one was an online multiplayer game.

MT are fine if it’s done the right way.




Is it just me or Talion looks a little different than before?

In Shadow of Mordor

In Shadow of War


Maybe because he’s shaved? :thinking:


Why did he do that :disappointed_relieved:


Sadly with just about any sequel comes a fresh new look for the main character. I liked the old one, and outfit, better.


The talion from Mordor is the final talion. The talion in war, is from the alpha. It’s the somewhat same talion they used in the Mordor alpha. They already addressed the fans complaints that he doesn’t look like Mordor talion and they said they’ll make it look like it then with the beard. But we’ll see.


Reviews from IGN, Gamespot, and Games Rader are looking good.


I’ll still wait until the big sale comes. Judging by reviews, the game does its main thing - Nemesis System and orcs - just right. All other systems seem to be too cluttered.


And we start the day with a pricing bug! Still not buying it. :expressionless:


Sometime ago, I remember Hitman had that same bug, but not at launch. The base game cost more then the damn gold edition! :rofl:

Yeah…I’ll be waiting for the price drop myself. :unamused:


This price shown (after the bug) is still too damn high!


Gonna wait for the $20 sale? The way this is right now it’ll likely be around this time next year before I get it.


Yup. At least a 50% discount before I can think of affording to buy it. Compared to other games, this one seems to be atrociously priced here!


What Spending $100 Gets You in Middle-earth: Shadow of War

The good news is that, according to the video, everything can be obtained easily in-game and it’s not worth spending real money.


Looks like more of the same. Was very underwhelmed by Shadow of Mordor… i didn’t like the checkpoint system. i’d run around for ages, get killed, then be forced to do it all over again. In the end i got tired of running around and the button mashing.


1: running for ages? With that shadow running upgrade, you can zoom through a lot of the map quite quickly.

2: get killed?? Did you know that you can get away from almost any battle? Even with chiefs? You don’t need to fight them to the death. If you’re being overpowered and beaten badly, run away and get health. Make sure you build your character strong enough to fight those battles. And make sure when going after bosses you take out their sub-bosses to weaken them. And so if you don’t die, you don’t have to do it all over again. Also making sure you have intel on each boss you go after to find their weaknesses.

I once took out 3 warcheifs in less than 10 seconds all because I knew all of their weakness and took advantage of it.

3: running around? Why? I always went somewhere with purpose. I never felt like I was running around for no reason. And if I had a long distance to go, grab a carago.

4: button mashing? This game doesn’t promote button mashing. It actually hurts you to do that. It’s timely presses to get critical strikes, which cause far more damage, and certain strategies for certain enemies arcs. You shouldn’t be too aggressive with the combat unless you’re OPd yourself.

Clearly you stuggled because you didn’t understand and play properly.


Currently installing looking forward to this. Don’t really care about the micro transactions as I’d rather actually just play the game and earn the same content. For those curious the highest ‘micro’ transaction is $150 Aus pretty steep


After playing for an hour, I now have my first Nemesis. The Tark Slayer is going to die!