Middle-Earth: Shadow of War


Not going to buy this crap.


But the game isn’t crap and as for the microtransactions, you can ignore them


I only bought one loot box using in game currency, I won’t be buying any with real money. That’s the thing, you don’t need to do it as no1 is forcing you.


I thought of getting into this game, but I can’t for numerous reasons.

  1. The steam download size is fucking ridiculous. Why not make it a modular download? So I can choose not to download all the different languages, and not download the 4k textures I won’t use?

  2. I hate LOTR fantasy universe. yeah, I know I know…blasphemy. But I just don’t like it.

  3. Just as with the last game, what I liked is still there but what I disliked is also still there. They didn’t change much. Combat looks fucking amazing. Everything else looks shitty. Story looks shitty, I don’t care for the Nemesis system (randomized orcs, big fucking deal) and mission design and gameplay loop looks really repetitive and boring.

I played Shadow of Mordor for a few hours and LOVED the combat. But when I realized that literally nothing else in the game could hook me in, the game was just a worthless “orc slaughter simulator” and not worth my time.


Why would you think of getting into the game then? :smiley:

For me, it’s the ridiculous pricing that’s preventing me from getting this title.


If it’s the microtransactions that’s off-putting, just check out the video, the link to which I posted above.


As someone who has played quite a few hours let me tell you that the loot boxes don’t matter. The reason is that you can only recruit orcs the same level as you or lower so therefore orcs from loot boxes will be your level, so you may find a better orc randomly in a few levels time that out does them. So unless you want to constantly buy loot boxes every level or continually level up your low level orcs there is really no need.


The complaint I’ve seen though is that the loot boxes don’t really become a factor until the end of the game, and that’s the point when they become near-necessary. The final push requires high-level legendary orcs, so the game suddenly turns into a binary choice: either spend hours grinding for high-level legendary orcs, or buy some. (Or, I guess, don’t finish the game). It’s the gating of the ending that I’ve seen most critics objecting to.

That said, I don’t know how true it is. Some critics have said that gate at the game’s end isn’t as bad as others make out.


Well yeah I guess that’s personal opinion but personally I think I’d be fine as I enjoy the combat and exploration so I’ll find my own orcs. A thing to considers is that reviewers probably rushed the game to get to the end for a review so hey may not have really spent much time levelling their best orc naturally over the length of the game and instead needed to quickly level them at the end.


This is the only game I’ve seen where a PC copy’s price is more than that of consoles.


My copy arrived yesterday :blush: GamestheShop, the site where I buy my games from gave everyone who pre ordered the game a steelbook :blush:


I’ve streamed about 4 and a half hours on my channel. So far it’s been a lot of fun. I have a nemesis whom I’ve killed 4 times and still keeps coming back for more. I bought one loot boxes with game currency for 2 epic pieces. So far I’m really loving it.


Glad that the game is enjoyable! I cannot afford the game at its current price, and so am playing SoM instead and uploading videos on my channel. :stuck_out_tongue:


Even with the pricing bug, it’s ridiculously high! For what price did you get it?


3500 along with the pre order bonus :slight_smile:
I went on steam and to my surprise there were tons of high priced games, especially the Assassin’s Creed series, which I don’t think are even optimized well. I always thought PC games are much cheaper than console games. By the way I uploaded a Shadow of Mordor analysis video on my channel in Hindi (it is very rushed because I was trying to get it out on Sunday in hope of getting views but my plan failed miserably :persevere: it is among my lowest viewed videos) Please do watch!


Also sorry for that thumbnail typo I was trying to get it out as soon as possible so I made a mistake :slight_smile: I will update it soon :slight_smile:


I’m going to be doing a Shadow of War: is it worth a buy video in a few days on my thoughts so far. I will be addressing the elephant in the room in it.


You need to decapitate them, otherwise they don’t die and keep coming back.


Sadly when you do a execution, the result is random.


Decapitating them doesn’t always get rid of them, actually…