More unusual and special unlockable outfits in season 2?



Would you like to have more singular / special / unusual unlockable outfits in the season 2 ?

  • Yes :star_struck:
  • No, i like inconspicuous outfits :male_detective:

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For example :

Outfit 1

Outfit 2

Outfit 3


Yes, but to a point. I think it’d be bad if the outfits got too crazy. Santa 47 is already pushing it, I think.


Yes, but not too crazy. 47 is not a clown, he is a professional assassin. Things like the plague doctor and fortune teller are usefull, but a santa suit or vampire magician is just useless. Or make a level with all guards wearing a weird, level themed disguise ala The murder of crows.


Yeah, there is a limit, i agree. I would like to have a professional tactical suit like the second example :heart_eyes:


I like a couple goofies sprinkled in just for fun. I didn’t care for the Vampire Magician look. I did like the bird costume (murder of crows) and the chipmunk costume from Absolution. Doing a “kill all” session, I found it rather entertaining. Also, and I know a lot of people hate this, I like the idea of creating contracts with them - on occasion. I created a series of themed ones with the chipmunk titled “Wascally Wodents Wevenge” (think Elmer Fudd saying Rascally Rodents Revenge) all based around poisoning targets he held resposnsible for poisoning his fellow rodent brothers and sisters.

I wouldn’t want more than 1 or 2 goofy ones per game tho.


I don’t mind a little goofiness. Personally I like to see a Diana skin unlockable.


Yeah not to be utterly ridiculous but I thought alternate character skins would actually add even more to the replayability. I wouldn’t mind walking around Sapienza as the Shadow Client.


depends. if those silly outfits are disguises you find on VIPs in the level or in plastic bags, then that is fine because those disguises can be useful for contracts and escalations.

if they are unlocks as suits, then fuck no. this is the only suit that i actually care about.

if IOI still wants to add new suits, then they can bring back suits that actually have meaning in the hitman series, like the priest suit or the agent 17 suit. i would not mind those at all.

still hate the level specific suits, other than the VIP patient suit.


I think santa 47 is ridiculous


pfft why wear 47’s iconic suit when you can dress up as santa claus for no reason?


I love having weird and wild outfits available. My go-to suit is the inconspicuous and sexy Italian Suit with Gloves, but I also often enjoy running around with the Santa coat tail swishing behind me


Add themed outfit from Hitman Sniper.


I think the level specific suits is also proved Absolution is canon .
Before Absolution event 47 always wore his signature suit to business.:necktie:
After that he had some new personal preference.


in absolution he was no longer employed by the ICA, so he does not wear his professional work clothes anymore. 47 actually had a reason not to wear his black suit and red tie.

for example in hope, 47 was wearing his black suit, but without the tie or gloves. this suit was ok, because he was no longer employed by the ICA and does not wear his professional clothes, and his suit in hope was not extremely different from his iconic suit anyway, as he is still wearing a black suit and it fits with 47’s taste in clothing. his suit in hope was more like his casual clothing than his professional clothing.

basically what i’m trying to say is that in absolution, 47 had a good reason not to wear his iconic suit. in HITMAN, with the exception of hokkaido, he does not.


Really want to see only 1 suit, Agent 17 suit would be perfect addition, orange tie, badass sunglasses, earphone…


Yes but for every sort of out there outfit, a more subdued one as well.

I.E. bring back the bird outfit from BM/Absolution but also give us an Agent 17 outfit. That sort of thing.


Or give us The Five Fathers outfits


I am okay for everything. I dont use the Santa unlock because it is ridiculous. But I guess other players are happy about it. I find it more important to have unique sutis inside the levels for contracts.


Or just give as a outfit of the 4/5 fathers that actually have an outfit kappa


Ive wanted this suit since sapienza. All they gotta do is change the tie of the bodyguard disguise and add glasses, cant be that hard.