More unusual and special unlockable outfits in season 2?


Yeah same waiting period for me too :wink:


Sorry but you are way wrong here. 47 uses EVERY disguise to his advantage. Just imagine a dead body is found and then earlier there were witnesses that saw someone dressed as a vampire Magician, 47 would simply switch to another disguise and walk out the front door as suspicion is all set on that VM disguise. It’s also used as a distraction.


Follow it like Absolution. Where the player gets to play around with every outfit in the game.


If we’re talking about starting outits, unlockable by different means (like through Elusives), then I think I’d like mostly suits and stuff that makes sense as a starting outfit. You could do Agent 17s suit (with sunglasses) and the Albino’s suit (with the red tinted glasses).
The sillier unlock suits like Santa 47 shoud be few and far between, but I could live with getting another Santa 47 style unlock in Season 2.

If we’re talking about more of the over the top outfits that you can find within the maps (like the Jester outfit or the biker outfit in Sapienza, or the Fortune Teller outfit in Marrakesh), then yes please.


Still want the C47 suit with loose collar & tie…


Agreed. For example I’d like to be able to go the fashion show in a hazmat suit if I wanted to.


Gonna drop this here. I really wish there will be such a suit as an unlock in the future. If someone wants to play like leaving no forensical evidence behind, it would be the perfect suit for it. But with a red tie ofc.


I honestly want the option to choose button up/button open variation of suits (so each would have 2 variants)
Annoyed Requiem suit with jacket buttoned up is not an option on BM suit or Signature suit etc. (only available unbuttoned/open jacket)


Its funny because 47 dressing up as a literal clown is a thing in Blood Money.


Sometimes all this fuss about the main characters suit makes me think this game is a dressing simulator.

It’s weird too because unless you’re a masochist you won’t be wearing your main suit for the large chunk of your playthroughs.