Movies You've only Just Watched


How shit was it? Watched First Class and Days of Future Past the other day, reckon I might give this a rent just to complete the trilogy viewing. I heard it’s pretty bad though.

Then again, maybe you’re not the one to be giving a review of this movie :grimacing:


It wasn’t as good as I hoped but still worth a watch, the stuff with magneto got me emotional love that guy he’s a good actor.


The end fight was kinda balls, but the rest was okay.


Just watched Hardcore Henry. It was okay I guess. Not really my cup of tea. I expected there to be more to it but when people say it’s mindless action they mean it. Felt like I was watching a feature length YouTube video or something. There were only like 2 real characters in the movie. The ending was good though, so fucking brutal and gory, and Henry is badass in the ending. It’s a good time waster I guess.


I continued my Liam Neeson marathon with A Walk Among the Tombstones. Pretty good investigation thriller, I would recommend it for a rainy evening for sure!


Sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy it I loved it might watch it tonight actually. I definitely think it’s an acquired taste though and when I went to the cinema to see it on day of release it was almost empty :neutral_face:.


Okay so I watched that film by dude Lynch called Mulholland Drive… WTF BEST MOVIE I EVER SAW :slight_smile:


Watched Southpaw recently.


Good movie had me emotional for some reason.

Just watched a vampire flick on Netflix called Manhattan Undying I do not recommend it 4/10 I only give it that because I liked the male lead roles performance and the woman playing the vampire was hot.


I’m on an Asian cinema binge at the moment, just watched A Bittersweet Life (good) and The Man from Nowhere (great). Ordered the Rurouni Kenshin trilogy, apparently it is awesome.


I’m watching this:

A very good movie about U.S. customs official uncovers a money laundering scheme involving Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar.

Bryan Cranston is a superb actor, i remember him from the awesome tv-series Malcolm in the Middle and of course from the amazing tv-series Breaking Bad :smiley:.


SO i Finally saw Goodfellas. Couldn’t handle all the Gifs and the referencing. I realized i had watched it before but i didn’t remember most of it.
Anyways had fun, now i can join in in all of the jokes and laughs:
Thanks to @AGENT4T7


Haha welcome to the club, buddy!!

Look at this guy! Look at this guy… His first time watching Goodfellas! Gentlemen… @KrugerSchmidts is now, one of us!


It really is a great movie man. Definitely one of my favorites!


I saw an Iranian horror film called Under The Shadow this weekend. It’s set in the late 80s in Tehran, during the Iran Iraq war. It’s about a famly who start to experience strange things after an unexploded missile comes through the roof of their apartment complex. It’s got some proper gooseflesh level scares that get under your skin.

It’s only on very limited release at the moment but they’ve obtained a deal for it to come to Netflix soon. I would recommend it.


The whole missile concept seems very odd to me to be honest I will give it a watch when it comes on Netflix.


I just watched Dracula Untold for the second time. I like to watch films that I thought were ok but didn’t wow me as sometimes I enjoy them more the second time. I have always loved vampires and Dracula and all supernatural related stuff really but this film just falls flat for me. I can’t put my finger on what it is that is lacking but it is lacking something for sure. The ending sets itself up for a number two set in modern times so maybe that will be better.,0,630,1200_AL.jpg

Just watched the green inferno it’s a horror movie made by the guy who made the hostel movies. It’s about activists trying to help this tribe in Peru and stop the forest getting cut down. The tribe think they are the enemy and a gore fest ensues, I would give this movie 5.5/6 but only because it’s gory and I love gory films.


I’m now watching Saving Private Ryan and came straight here to share.
Damn what a movie. I don’t know why I waited almost 20 years to watch it. Really good movie


This was the second movie I owned on DVD, the first being The Godfather Trilogy.


I watched it years ago I only really remember the scene where they all get shot getting off the boat.


Who rates films out of 6? :stuck_out_tongue:

I just saw Deepwater Horizon at cinema. I rate it 12.5/19!