Movies You've only Just Watched


I just watched this last night and loved it. Had been wanting to check it out since Netflix scooped it up at Sundance this past January, and no lie, it lived up to the hype.

I was confident I would be underwhelmed. I had no doubt in my mind. I was happily surprised and can’t wait to purchase this little gem. It’s quiet, sure, but it’s unnerving. It’s not a typical horror film with a lot of scares, but when it wants to scare you, it’s like a fine-tuned stream of cold water was turned on inside your bones. It’s a really tight, smart, creepy little film with a surprisingly authentic take on Iran, its people and the Iran-Iraq war.

No lie, this is the real deal. Let me know if any of you get a chance to check it out.


Watching Arq on Netflix its average at best probably won’t make it to the end :joy:.

Just finished watching it what a pile of shite.


I’ve wanted to watch this for a while now, but I can’t find any copies of it. I’ve heard nothing but good things.


Finally got around to watching On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and by god is Lazenby a shit actor. He should’ve stuck with modelling (although he wouldn’t of been a success there either). I wish they had lured back Connery for this instead of Diamonds.


Just watched ‘Suicide Squad’, first i don’t think it was as bad as it been made out to be. I think it starts really well, not taking itself to serious and filled with great music that stands out and give the movie character. However the more the plot line of the movie progress it beings to become more and more generic, and towards the last arch it have lost the connection to what i began with being.

Things i liked about the movie
Deathshot, Batman, Harey Quin, Captain Boomerang and Enhanctress looks cool.

Things i didn’t like about the movie
Becomes very generic towards the middle. Killer Croc looked very weak, and also what is with the man boobs? I wanted to see a beast, a fucker that was bigger then Bane in DKR. Also don’t get me started on him saying “bro”. The CGI at the finally was awful and Enhanctress brother looked like a rejected Power Ranger villain covered in star dust.

The Joker i felt had a lot of good potential, but i feel like there was a lot of stuff cut from the movie with him (actually there was). But i didn’t like him and Harley’s relationship, sure she should be a sucker for his attention, but he didn’t seem abusive or annoyed with her. I hope that later movies give him some time to shine.

The first half of the movie i would give around 7. The last half is like a 2. So all in all it’s a 5,5 or something.



I pretty much agree with everything you said I was really disappointed with this movie. I watched it at the cinema on release :worried:.


I think it started out well, but after the first half it became very generic and not very memorable.


Last film I watched was Up in the Air with George Clooney. It was going really well up until the end which kinda ruined it. 7/10


Well, I saw Doctor Strange on Friday. While it certainly isnt the best Marvel movie, I did really enjoy it.
It has some really original/trippy looking action set pieces, with a bit of martial arts flair (the best one in my opinion is near the middle the sanctum fight)and great effects work, great costume design and visual design, and just generally looks really impressive.
Benedict Cumberbatch was more or less born to play Doctor Strange, and all the actors were just on point.

One of my worries about the film was that magic would just become this deus ex machina thing where it just keeps doing whatever the story requires at the moment, but it mostly feels very well done with established rules and concepts that are followed stringently enough that you don’t get this feeling.

In the end the film suffers for being another origin story. It does hit the same sort of origin story beats as others have done before it, but it does so without stumbling, so it doesnt bring the movie down too much.

Story wise I really liked the fact that the defeat of the villain isn’t physical, but uses magic in a smart way.

I look forward to seeing more of Doctor Strange (both in sequels and in Avengers).


I want to watch this but I’m hesitant to go pay cinema prices. I have left almost every movie I have watched recently underwhelmed. I think the only comic book movies I have enjoyed recently are the new avenger movies and captain America movies, they were done really well.

  • Ant man
  • Suicide squad
  • Batman V Superman
  • X men Apocalypse

These are the ones off the top of my head that were really disappointing for me. They were all ok movies but weren’t great.


I think I agree on all of those except for Ant-Man, which I thought was quite good, and reminded me of older action/adventure movies before 95% of all action flicks got to be really bloated with action and effects with no sense of restraint (not saying that a movie can’t have lots of either, I just think most movies nowadays cross the line of too much, which is admittedly subjective).

Really, I could’t tell you if you will like it or not. Depends on why you didn’t like Ant-Man I suppose.


Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t a bad movie it just wasn’t great in my opinion. I like action packed movies but you’re right they rely too much on special effects now days. When they do this and they don’t do a good job it really brings the movie down.


Agreed. But I think it’s important to point out that there are movies that need to have a lot off effects. Doctor Strange, for instance, wouldn’t work without them. The key is that the director didn’t take it too far, and what is too far depends entirely on the movie.
At no point in Doctor Strange or Ant-Man did I feel like the director went “well,I have all of this money, and effects can do anything,so I’ll just throw as much shit as the budget allows onto the screen”.


Yeah it wouldn’t be very good without them he’d be stuck doing card tricks or something :joy:. I might go watch it but money is tight and I think I would rather go watch the accountant when that comes out.


Ant-Man was such a great movie, Kent! For a small Marvel project, nothing like Civil War or some other big budget stuff, this was pure gold. Very lighthearted, a small, personal story of a father and his daughter with great visuals, funny characters (I mean those three shady friends of the protagonist, especially THIS ONE), and cool soundtrack. This movie was way more fun than I expected.


Civil war was amazing as was the winter soldier.


The accountant. I gave it a try. Why do people compare this shit to Jason Bourne? The last one keeps you on toes during the whole time.


Star Trek: Beyond Didn’t like the others, and this one was the same. 6/10
Sausage Party Laughed a lot, but too many sexual jokes. 7/10
Doctor Strange The first half hour was great, but then it felt a bit rushed. 7/10

And if anyone uses Letterboxd (great site to post scores, reviews and have a watchlist) and want to add me I have the same username. :grin:


Was the accountant good? I was planning on watching it.