Movies You've only Just Watched


Waste of time and money.


Ah ok maybe I won’t go see it then :joy:.


Btw, did any of you guys see this?


Deathwish. I’ve seen the second one before but never the first. It’s actually pretty brutal featuring Charles Bronson as a vigilante reaping his revenge on rapists and muggers. I loved it! Good story, believable characters and great action scenes.

Bronson is an absolute bad ass one of the original action heroes. I’m going to watch the rest of the movies. If you like old action movies this is definitely up your street.


Never Go Back.

I liked it, but it doesn’t touch the last entry in the series by a long shot. I did like the idea of Reacher being a father, and I never read Never Go Back, so I didn’t see it coming, and Sam wasn’t as much of a Scrappy as I was expecting her to turn out to be, but there was just too much action happening and not enough investigation. Jack Reacher was a thriller with action scenes that gives more than enough nods to reality. Never Go Back is an action movie with investigative scenes and not nearly as much regard for realism. I like the former style better.


I saw that when it released it was ok but not amazing.


Watching Agent 47 right now


Why? just why would you do that :joy:, have you seen it before?


R.I.P Eyes & Brain


No first time it was on HBO so I had to see it.

Yeah it was bad.


Saw Arrival yesterday. Doubt I’ll see a better movie this year. All I can say is that if you are a fan of sci-fi, drama or just downright good movies, go and watch it. In a cinema preferably.


I watched memoirs of an international assassin which is a Netflix movie that just came out. The fight scenes were surprisingly good and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Definitely worth a watch when you’re bored and fancy relaxing with a movie. It’s an action/ comedy movie where he is mistaken for an assassin because of a book he wrote.


Has anyone seen the new Harry Potter spin off? If so was it any good?



Watched it with my girlfriend a couple of days ago.

I really enjoyed the movie, filled with great characters and many funny moments. My favorit character was Dan Fogler’s Jacob Kowalski who felt as one of the best thing about the movie. As some one who also loves the original movies, i think this one captures the essens of the books and movies. Looking forward to the next one, and getting to know the characters a bit more.


I saw ‘Fantastic Beasts…’ today and was underwhelmed. Considering it was the first in a series of 5 movies, it felt like a mediocre, standalone spin-off. I would rate it 7/10, I was not bored, but nor was I particularly engaged. I understand from reading previews that each movie will be set in a different city around the world, so viewers will be introduced to how magic is governed around the world (it’ll be interesting to see how this differs from what we’ve seen in the UK and USA), which suggests there will be fewer recurring characters than in the core HP series (and I would consider the school of Hogwarts to be a character in that sense).

As Mads suggests, maybe my perception will change with perspective, as the series continues to evolve.

I have also watched;

AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON: which was awesome. :smiley:


WAR OF THE ARROWS: which was also awesome, if you can abide subtitles. :smiley:


Good to hear I’m going to have to go see it with the Mrs sometime next week. I am glad they are continuing the movies even if it’s different characters they are great movies. They have been going for years now and I hope they go for many more. Who doesn’t love to get immersed into a world of magic!

  • Ghost in the shell: 7/10, liked the concept, but too short. Hope the live action version expands the philosophy.
  • Don’t Breathe: 8/10, wonderful horror movie, and everything happens inside a house.
  • Arrival: 8/10, great development, and it was fun trying to guess the ending.
  • Swiss Army Man: 8/10, weirdest movie ever. People will judge you if you say you watched it :joy:


Watched Hacksaw Ridge the other day, an incredible war movie based on a true story, it really moved and humbled me. I totally recommend watching it, the acting is great and the war scenes are some of the best I’ve seen.


Just watched fantastic beasts and where to find them, there were parts I didn’t like all that much but overall it was a good movie. The movie had good characters which were very likeable but parts of the story just felt lacking to me. Overall I would give this movie 7 or 8/10. It ended with good potential for a sequel so I’m looking forward to what comes next and hopefully it will only get better.


Captain America: Civil War

Okay so i bought Civil War the other day and the choice was between this and Batman V Superman, already watched BvS a couple of times and never had the chance to watch Civil War, so i went with Marvel on this one.

After watching The Winter Solider a year or two ago, i had high expectations for this movie, but also being let down by Age of Ultron i decided i would skipe every MCU movie in the cinema and watch it at home at a later date. Right now i feel like there’s 2 hours and 27 min i will never get back, what a shit fest of horrible CGI rendered costumes, laughable fights scenes (airport fight) lame characters i don’t care about (Flying Hawk thing guy and Rubber Android man) and another forgettable bad guy, wait was there even one? can’t remember. Also what was the deal with Aunt May being a smoking hottie? most bange able May to date, but that’s how i liked that old craft lady.

The movie had a couple of highlights The Apartment fight where Cap and Winter Solider fight off a S.W.A.T team, Spider-man (Even though it was a horrible CGI suit in fights), Iron man and Captain America end fight.

I felt i was watching a 2 hours and half hours toy commercial and in the end i rather pick up a Batman Action figure instead.

The only recent Marvel movie i really enjoyed and love the hell out of was Deadpool and Days of Future Past. X-men apocalypse was dreadful.

I will give it 1 Star out 10, because i can’t destory the Star on Cap’s shield, after it being made out of Vibranium and all.