Movies You've only Just Watched


Aren’t these movies supposed to be a bad CGI fest mixed with high merchandise-selling expectations?


Well i think that they do a very great job with Iron Man’s suit and other metallic things, but i feel i saw a corny Power Rangers movie with Marvel characters.


In that case better go and watch a Power Rangers movie.


I just watched Kingsman the secret service and it was probably the best cheesy and silly thing I’ve watched in my entire life. 9/10 becasue harry dieded. :(((((

Edit: One scene from that movie actually gave me an idea for hitman. What if the starting point for one of the missions in Hitman that takes place in a remote secret place was sky diving? That’d be pretty cool. Right?


Just watched (most of) ‘Warcraft’. Unsurprisingly - Utter shite.


War Dogs - Hilarious



I could not stomach it either, walked out of the cinema before the end. :confounded:


As is well known, I am a big Bond fan (just look at my profile picture). I have made a review of the Casino Royale movie on YouTube and I would really appreciate it if you guys watched it.


Immadumummee would be excited today -


I watched The Accountant last night, it wasn’t great or anything but it was good enough that I enjoyed it. They fleshed out his character and his problems with flashbacks and the action was done well.


Yesterday i watched a movie on Netflix called ‘Spectral’, not a movie i heard anything about, other then a GIF on imgure that made me aware of the movie. So i looked up the trailer and decided to give it ago, very interesting movie and very well made.

It’s about a group of Solilders that encounters some kind anomalies inside a war zone under a rescue mission, that seems to spreed very fast and are impossible to stop.


Watched Snowden last night.

Genuinely one of the shitest movies I’ve ever seen in my life.

The re-enactment parts they did from Citzenfour are by far the worst acting i’ve seen in while.

The only saving grace was the scene with this meme guy. Even then I was just laughing at it.


I saw this and was unsure about it, considering you have given it a seal of approval I will try it.


Rogue One.


Vader’s scenes kinda looked like a fan film. But still good. 8/10.


As one who is going to watch the film on Saturday with my SO. Why on fucking earth did I click that spoilertag! not that it ruined to much…but still…jokes on me.


Slightly better than Force Awakens for me. In that one the first half was good, and in this one it’s the latter half. Maybe next year they’ll get it right. I’m just kidding, I won’t watch the next one unless someone drags me there.


psyche, no spoilers


It’s pretty much on par with TFA for me. Some of it was worse, some of it was better. Didn’t think it didn’t suffered at all without John Williams either, the score was gr8.


Agree on all points. It wasn’t a bad move not to overuse JW themes on this one given the nature of the film.


I watched the new kickboxer movie and hard target 2 last night, both were painfully mediocre as expected.