Movies You've only Just Watched


Currently watching The Professional for the first time. It’s weird but very charming in a way. I love it!


It’s about pedophilia and milk. Two things I don’t like.


It’s not really pedophilia since she is trying to seduce him. Doesn’t make the scenes comfortable though. Great movie.


I literally just saw the pedophilia part after i posted. Extremly uncomfortable. But Leon isn’t atracted to her. I’m not sure if that counts as pedophilia but it still gives me the creeps. :confounded:


Kinda like Taxi Driver. Heavy and shocking subjects somehow end in good movies. It’s part of the essence. Still, the movie is really good.


I looooved taxi driver


It Follows.

What the actual fuck? So weird, really creepy and really good.


The pedophillic scenes were in the script but never shot, IIRC. Better that way, but what the fuck was Besson thinking?


I watched The Prestige and Children of Men recently. Can absolutely recommend to anyone who enjoys watching quality films.


Now I’m watching Man on the Moon


I loved this movie. It has such a classic Carpenter vibe, especially the retro synthetic score. Great stuff.

I just saw The Accountant starring Ben Affleck. Thought it was really good. It certainly doesn’t go the realistic route for autism, but instead uses it as a way to create a more believable “super hero” (in the sense that it explains some of his more special abilities) of sorts.

The film is basically an action thriller with a somewhat unconventional hero, and it did a great job keeping me interested.

Story spoiler ahead, only read if you don’t care or if you’ve seen the movie:

I really didn’t see the ending twist with the brother coming. Maybe because I wasn’t expecting a twist of this sort and therefore wasn’t looking for it. It impressed me though.

I am quite impressed with Affleck’s journey as an actor. He used to be so bad… now he’s very good, and this movie is no exception.


I finally took my time to watch Snowden and I thought it was great. I thought it was kind of touching in the end. Snowden sacrificed his life for all of us.

It’s a good think that Hollywood made a movie about this, so his actions can be spread out to even more. But do yourself a favor and watch the documentary about him releasing the information. I actually think I’ll watch it again soon.


Has anybody seen Live by Night with Ben Affleck? How was it?


How did you find it compared to the original documentary?

Personally I found the movie to be really not that great.


Still haven’t seen Snowden. Citizenfour however is an amazing documentary. I love how it acts as a record of events and plays out in real time. You can feel the tension and excitement in the hotel room as the stories are being prepared.

Ed Snowden is a personal hero of mine - A man of absolute conviction. If more people had his sense of right and wrong I’ve no doubt the world would be a better place.


Just saw Man Bites Dog. It is a good movie but halfway through it turns really dark :joy:


Well I don’t think it can be compared. ‘Snowden’ was just a regular movie based on a true event which you already knew the outcome. But still it was a well made movie I think, I would recommend it even though having seen Citizenfour. Citizenfour is - obviously - a whole different kind of thing. It was a documentary and a damn intense one because you are literally with Ed Snowden through it all before and after the leak.

@Quinn I think you should see the movie. As mentioned above it isn’t like the documentary at all, but I don’t think it can be compared.


I just watched Pride and Prejudice and Zombies today with my girlfriend who loves both movies and the tv-show, sadly i have never watched the real deal. I did enjoy the movie and it’s silly and campy take on the famous novel, i think i would enjoy it a lot more if i watched the movies that was more inline with the real story before watching this.


Good looking women wielding swords and killing zombies. What’s not to love. I watched it yesterday too. What a coincidence.


Watched a movie on Netflix last night that my folks suggested called Dale and Tucker vs Evil. It was fucking hilarious! It’s a about a group of teens who mistake a pair of hillbillies for serial killers. Don’t want to say more to spoil it but I highly recommend it.