Movies You've only Just Watched


Just finished to watch all the episodes. Damn what a show. Quite a few surprises at the end.


Hahaha agree, it had a slow start, i didn’t know if i liked it or not untill episode 3 or 4, but from that and out, it was great.
I wonder what season 2 will be, season 1 ending was great, will it be full chaos in Westworld i wonder and will season 2 be even better than season 1? I have many questions :joy:.


Will there even be a season 2? I got the impression everything ends there.


Yes it will, agree the tv-show could end with season 1, it was a perfect ending, that’s why i’m curious about the story in season 2.
You can read about who is coming back for season 2 and other info about season 2 here :smiley::

(To those who dosen’t have watched season 1 of Westworld yet, don’t read this, it spoils the ending a bit)


By the way, it was a big surprise about William :smiley:


It sure was, i would never guessed that :smiley:.


So apart from being the best film that George Clooney has ever been in I’m not sure how to describe From Dusk til Dawn. I highly recommend it, it is on Netflix.


I believe the show based on it is also on Netflix, and is also quite good.


I will have to investigate.


I liked most of it, but what annoyed me is how we’re just meant to accept Rosemund Pike’s character is a psychopathic lunatic for no apparent reason. “Oh… the twist is that she’s nuts!”


LOL, I can definitely understand that sentiment. I’ve been married almost 8 years, together 16, so that didn’t cross my mind. HOWEVER, you should really make sure you know your potential spouse very well. Family history, everything. People can hide a lot, that’s for sure. Hubs and I have known each other since hs, so neither of us have much we can hide from each other, he knows who I am and I know him super well. But, as you get older, it’s a lot easier to hide from the past. Marriage is really wonderful when it’s the right person. If not though, it can be a miserable experience.


LOL yeah I totally know what you mean. They really didn’t dig deep at all…I guess we are supposed to infer that she’s partly crazy because of the Amazing Amy stuff that her parents put her through? But yeah, they could have done a little more work there


As much as I loved Tim Curry’s performance I am looking forward to the remake of IT. First trailer below.

Cinematography looks pretty awesome :smiley:


Westworld is, to be honest, very overrated. I just finished watching it this weekend and while I think it was okay it really can’t be compared to any top class series out there.

Always a joy to watch Anthony Hopkins though.


Looks great and it’s written by Stephen King one of my favorite autor :smiley:.


Indeed it does. I hope other horror movies company can learn from this.


Just saw the trailer of this movie. It looks oddly interesting.


After a loooong time I’ve decided to watch Alien 3 again and apparently there is agent 47 in the prison facility there.


If i’m not wrong all inmates in the prision have a barcode tattoo, but yeah i remember when watching it the first time after recording it on VHS. I was reminded of 47 as well :smiley: