Music Thread


Are you trolling? I was referring to the other video of the band with the male lead.


Oh! Yours popped up as a reply to me for some reason.


It was a reply to you, I was replying to this post.


I forgot I posted that. I assumed it was a reply to the Tori Amos song. Raketkanon are kings though. And the reason you won’t be able to understand it is because it’s not actually real words


post some good chrismas songs but I dare you it must be good.



Haha the guys in the green room play Nazi punks to the skin heads, is that where you heard it?


Nah, it’s a very famous song by Dead Kennedys. I loved Green Room though. Great scene.

Nazi Punks FUCK OFF!!


SICK intro!

@Quinn you’re a metalhead right? Check it out! I dislike the growling though.

Artwork is pretty dope too.


A great little band from my part of the world!

I sure do like to paint!


This song makes me want to punch Satan in the dick.


Some music I have made check it out.


Sweet mate, I’ll defo check it out when I have more time. Keep in mind we have a thread for original music. You should post it there too


Best Song in whole of Doom, hands down. I’ve had it on my phone since launch, along with many other Doom songs. One of the best soundtracks this year, if not the best.


So recently I was laying in my bed sick, what I did with my time is I went through the whole Tolkien movie saga, three extended Hobbits (meh) and three exntended LotRs (all hail Peter Jackson!).

Within my mind, I’m still in Middle-earth, the tears did not go dry yet, after Frodo left for Grey Havens, so I’m still in the mood for this beautiful song.


I love those movies, so draining though. The finale of Return of the King is an emotional rollercoaster.


It’s weird - I’m not even a big fan of those movies, yet the end never fails to make me all emotional and shit. Meanwhile movies that I love, often fail in that regard. As much as I like Star Wars, they make it so hard for me to feeeel much.


You just can’t NOT get attached to these Hobbits, especially Sam’s relations with Frodo are beautiful, one does not simply hold tears back when they have to part ways.

One day I’ve read somewhere that Return of the King is the #1 movie that makes males cry.


Omg deadmau5 released a new album and it’s too good


@AGENT4T7 here’s your theme song! :notes: