Music Thread


Yes, I am the “Piano Man” I’ll play you all a song!


We released our fist song under the formation DirtyPart with a rapper. I’m the producer, cameraman and editor on this.


Once you get the chorus of this song in your head, it’ll stay there for days.



I think this song is getting a lot more hate than it should be getting.

Yeah, it is the first time this band does clean vocals… and they do sound awful. The chorus opener particularly. And even the screams sound low-end… and it’s autotuned to shit. But it is still a solid Korn-ey type of thing that they’re trying to do… despite that disgusting singer.

If link doesn’t work, just look for Suicide Silence - Doris.


I absolutely love this kind of trippy videos!





so what do you guys think of this remaster?


Guys, Bandcamp are donating 100% of their revenue from sales made today to the ACLU. The perfect opportunity to pick up some lossless quality audio files from your favourite artists as well as support an important organization in these troubled times. Post your recommendations!

Anything by Pelican. A really great instrumental metal band who are criminally underrated.


Went on a bit of a Bandcamp spending spree yesterday given all their profits were going to the ACLU. I bought some stuff by Pelican, Code Orange and Oathbreaker. Code Orange are fucking amazing. Really love their newest album, it’s heavy, brutal and super inventive.


See the Code Orange video above? Now check out this band which also has 3 of the same members. From inventive metal brutality to infectious pop hooks. Talented bunch.


Driver 3 nostalgia…


Nice day for some post rock


Looking for metalheads to give me their two cents on a couple of matters that are old, so zi’d think most people already have a solid opinion on them.

First of… Suicide Silence. It’s bad. Very fucking bad. Please tell me you agree.

Second, Lady Gaga singing with Metallica. Obviously her voice is not suitable for the job, and I care little that she is a long time hard rock and heavy metal fan, in that case she should know better than to try that with her voice. Overall however, what will this mean to the genre on the furture? A forgettable night?


I found again one band I used to listen to a lot. Our beloved neighbor Russia actually does have something great. It doesn’t matter that I don’t understand anything. :^)


Never liked Suicide Silence in the first place so I’m not interested in their new record either.

As for Lady Gaga singing with Metallica? Well, to each their own. Metallica are megastars. They’re the biggest heavy metal band on the planet and have kind of outgrown the whole need for “metal integrity”. They can do what they want and they normally get away with it (people seem to have forgotten forgiven Lulu already!).


Eastern European House music is ridiculously good. Wish it would get played more often in the West.


im really digging the band Highly Suspect at the moment.
first good rock band ive heard in a while.
hoping they play close by so i can see them live.


Can anyone recommend a great 6 string guitar? I’m in the market for a new standard tremolo fixed bridge for use mostly with alternate Dropped “D” tunings.

Currently playing an Ibanez S model with a Floyd Rose so I am used to playing a fast neck.

I’ve tried and always wanted to play an epiphone or Les Paul but no matter how many times I try it just doesn’t feel right for me.

Recently I’ve played some ESPs which I liked and the Schecter Hellraiser but the neck was terrible.

Anyone have a favorite?