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i cry :cry:


Yesterday would have been Kurt Cobain’s 50th Birthday, so I have been revisiting much of Nirvana’s discography.

Listening to Bleach, Incesticide and In Utero especially, I had to remind myself that they were (and are) one of the biggest bands of all time. Sure, they had some catchy hits, but so much of their repertoire is harsh, inaccessible and chaotic in the best possible way. After Nevermind propelled them to superstardom, they followed it up with a lo-fi, Albini produced noise rock album with some really weird shit on it. Listen to this, bearing in mind they were one of the biggest bands in the world when they wrote and recorded it…


Nirvana is one of those band that just never gets old. You can have year long breaks without listening to them but every time you come back it’s like ‘oh yeah this is still fucking awesome’. Thanks for the reminder quinn.

It’s funny cus I felt the exact same way. But when I was 16 something I pulled the trigger on a les paul and to be frank, everything else is shit to me now. The neck angle, the buttery smooth action, easy access to switches without them being in the way (like on a Strat)

It sure is a guitar that takes some getting used to. The sheer weight and clunkyness of it, but that’s a trade off. The feel of quality and pure blissful tones you can get from it is worth it.
I’ve played a lot of different guitars for prolonged periods of time and even thought about getting a new daily driver, but I can’t. I always fall back on the LP.
Oh and it works wonderfully with drop D. I’ve jammed along to the doom OST and it’s pretty stable.

If I was looking to play fast and metal I’d choose an S model ibanez but I guess that’s shit advice to you haha. You could upgrade to another S model if you’re into it. Some of the high end stuff looks amazing.


Thanks. I have a 540s Ltd that’s like 25 years ago and love the guitar except your right the only gripe I have is the volume knob is in the way. Here’s some pics. Also on the wall is a Fender Montara Acoustic Electric that was released as a Californian Acoustic in the nineties.

Years ago when I was playing in a band I had a sunburst 79 Les Paul and I use It as my second guitar. I guess I should give it another try. Thanks for the input and motivation to give it another try. Perhaps a middle of the road like a Studio.


Uuuh you have pics of that?


I may somewhere. It was a long time ago.


The main riff is so good <3


holy fuck this is some funky shit


I have an old Kramer American Pacer Custom I got in the 80’s and I have yet to come across something I like more. A few years ago, I picked up a Les Paul Flood Anniversary that I really like, but honestly, it can’t even touch the Kramer even though it needs a shit ton of work.


@TheMaltesian @Pissfloyd
Today I played this Guitar at Sam Ash. The 2017 24 fret SE it was sweet. Good price for a PRS retails for $799. I played a bunch today, the John Petrucci Signature priced on sale at $2199, the EVH Wolfgang, a Music Man, bunch of Ibanez and liked the PRS better than all.

The Whale Blue is so beautiful.

Need to play a few more to be sure.


Oooooooh yyyeeeeaaah… the PRS. Got to play one of those once. Really nice!


I’m gonna see one of my favourite bands, Rival Sons, for the eighth time tonight! :grinning:



Nice man. They rock so hard.




Welcome to the family! Just scored this awesome PRS on Craigslist.


damn that’s a sweet axe. nice flame on the top.



Thrash Day


A fellow RS-fan on HMF! So cool. Jay Buchanan is one of the best rock vocalists ever. Perfect blend of technique, soul and lyrics with substance. Bringing some real authenticity to rock n roll. It’s much needed.

And hearing that roar of his live. Wow, nothing beats that. I saw them 7 days ago in Copenhagen and it’s one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. Great great musicians with a refreshing delivery!