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Watching this way out of context, where exactly did Incubus feature in this timeline?

I think they wound very alike…


Almost exactly the same time. Incubus released Make Yourself in 1999, and A Perfect Circle released Mer De Noms in 2000.

That said, the singer for APC is Maynard James Keenan who is best known for being in Tool - So the vocal similarity is possibly down to Incubus being inspired by that falsetto free crooning. Both are great singers and neither use falsetto very often, if at all. Belters.


Ahhhh, right. Well there you go, I’m not totally out of touch for thinking he sounded like ‘Circles’ well without the massive kick-in :slight_smile:

There’s just that familiarity where I didn’t recognise the clothes but it was just something similar…


Isn’t that groove metal? That isn’t thrash in my head.


Sepultura definitely have thrash chops but I did use one of their least thrashy songs as an example there to be fair.

Anyway, today the weather is nice - Which always makes me feel like listening to colossal instrumental metal.


this goes out to you quinn


One of my favourite musicians is Tom Waits. I feel that his songs have a great element of story telling to them and that he is able to bring characters alive through his music. A few of his songs below.

EDIT: For some reason youtube results on mobile are different than on desktop. Getting a lot of covers. Anyway another two to check out would be ‘What’s he building in there?’ and ‘Singapore’ although really most of his stuff is top notch.


One of the all time greats


Definitely. Another group I would put up there with him is Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. I haven’t heard their latest album but I enjoy Murder Ballads, among others.

I know more recently Nick Cave and Warren Ellis have collaborated on soundtracks and music production for films (‘The Proposition’ - which Nick wrote and more recently ‘Hell and High Water’). Very talented musician, I believe his son died in the last couple of years and also had a band of his own.

Also Grinderman - Nicks other band is good.


Ahahha that riff is so groovy it even sounds badass on a Bongo. Awesome

Also, Made Out Of Babies were a badass band. Shame they split




"My father was Antonio Andolini…and this is for you."



What’s this? Sounds good


No idea, it was a background music for some Mass Effect video. Can’t you download it?


Yup it’s downloadable


It is Robot Dreams by Clark Aboud, that’s all I know aboud :wink: it.


You guys should check out Blackfield-Blackfield

One of my favorite tracks:

I like “Pain”, “Cloudy now”, “Lullaby” and “Where is my love” aswell.


Blackfield are cool. They just released a new album not too long ago. You should check out Steven Wilson’s former band Porcupine Tree as well as his solo albums.

Anyway, Dat Voice. Unf. RIP Layne Staley


This song is lovely