Music Thread


Blackfield are cool. They just released a new album not too long ago. You should check out Steven Wilson’s former band Porcupine Tree as well as his solo albums.

Anyway, Dat Voice. Unf. RIP Layne Staley


This song is lovely


Is anyone here into retrowave and similar stuff? I’m binging on this stuff at the moment.


Hell yeah, Kent. I love that stuff, Hotline Miami introduced me to it, and since then I fell in love with Pertubator and Carpenter Brut. @Pissfloyd is into it too.


Today is an eels kind of day


@Spodey also digs it.


rah @ILikeGAMESish’s Vimeo link auto-playing catches me off guard every time I open this thread


I have removed it, sorry bro!


I’ve followed this band called Soen for several years and always enjoyed them - Ex Opeth drummer is involved so its decent stuff. I always felt they wore their influences a bit too heavily on their sleeves though (I disparagingly used to call them Toolpeth heh) but they’ve finally come into their own with their newest album. They’ve developed their own sound and it’s interesting, progressive and dense. I dig it.


How good is this riff goddamn


Still listening to a buttload of Code Orange. This is easily their most palatable song, probably the closest thing to a “radio hit” they’re gonna have - At least from this record. I think i’m gonna order one of their shirts cuz I like them so much.

PS - more people need to post music in this thread, it’s getting lonely!!


So I was a disciple of Beans on Toast long before I stumbled across him in the Left Field at the Glastonbury Festival of 2015 and then watched his performance that evening. He began for the Frank Turner gig I saw at the University of Plymouth in 2009 and they were both awesome.

At Glastonbury I had a shift off of the shop I was working and was pretty drunk on cider when wondering through a field. I was walking behind a guy whose drunken gait and alcohol matured voice I recognised immediately. I stopped him, asked if he was Beans and saw he immediately was. Took a photo and messaged my extremely jealous brother. Saw him that night on the Hell stage. Good times.

A man with a guitar, this guy is cool.

Tbf 2015 was a good year. I worked Glastonbury (Motorhead + The Who), Lattitude (Noel Gallagher playing Don’t Look Back in Anger, Champagne Supernova), WOMAD, Bloodstock, Beautiful Days and Reading Festivals. Good times.


Sabaton ftw

EDIT X1,000,000: I am drunk and forgot artists and songs DON’T JUDGE ME


That Beans on Toast guy wrote a song about my friend Jeff! But so did the Presidents of the USA…


Happens to the best of us mate, don’t sweat it


Depeche Mode - Spirit :slight_smile:



Did Jeff ever go to one of Bean’s gigs or enjoy the colour of his songs? And why is Jeff’s seal of approval so desired by Bristollians?


Probably because he is a barometer for good music in the city - he’s been going to 7 gigs a week for 15 years and is pretty much a walking music encyclopaedia. I’ve known him since about 2003 and he has always been a genuine and lovely guy. Here’s the POTUS tribute!


Rival Sons are dope, saw them for the first time when they opened for Sabbath a couple of months ago.

Just got my tickets to see these guys in June…


That’s awesome! His hair looks like it is longer than I am tall to be honest.