Music Thread


This is probably one of my favourite songs.




I’ve been listening to this non stop for a couple of days. You wouldn’t expect the music to be this good for a game released in 2000 which wasn’t really a blockbuster or something like that.




A really good track by Denny Schneidemesser.

BONUS: Got this mod for Civ V. Really good War Theme (listen to the whole thing)


This clip is also in my music collection.
My fav Danish singer is here :girl:


I had forgotten how good music they make. This one has also a Hitman-related name. :^)

EDIT: Another one, because these are so great.


Band from my town are blowing up lately - Good for them, They’re even playing DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL

This song is gonna rustle some jimmies…


When you win a match as the Spetsnaz on MWR.


Even better version.



Anyone here likes Moonspell??
They’re my favourite band. :wink:

These are my favourite songs :wink: Hope you like metal :slight_smile:


The best song in Hitman 2’s complete soundtrack, IMO.




Heretic OST (Adlib version!) :smiley:

The Docks (E1M1)

The complete playlist


I’m starting to like Agnes Obel.
Especially this song:


Watch that song get sampled.


I listen to this when I’m sad and lonely, lol