Music Thread


So of course I’m up on that new Kendrick Lamar.


And while this is a banger to be sure, it’s not my favorite off the album I think that nod would either go to ELEMENT or PRIDE.

Dunno how long I can keep saying I don’t fuck with Cali rap.

Need some more weeks before I can fully digest the album cause it’s thicker than Rhianna but I really like the “DNA” music video the concept and the use of Don Cheadle very pleasant surprise. I think Lamar puts together some of my favorite music videos.

Dude is a true artist


just saw this on the hitman discord and it needs posting here. you guys will recognize the sample :slight_smile:


I did not know that Ice-T’s band Body Count had released another album. So far, like this song a lot.




In memory of Chris Cornell


RIP Chris


^ blasted this tune at work today. so sad news


Nice little band with 2 great guitarists. @Pissfloyd reckon you’d dig this (even if they’re both using SGs heh)


Cheers mate this is really dope.

I’ve been listening to alot of snarky puppy lately. Absolutely crazy chops. The synth solo in this is truly out of this world.


The Indian Jam Project - Game of Thrones theme



Going to this concert next month. Really stoked about it.


Megadeth are gonna get shown up by their support acts. Poor Dave Mustaine.

Fun fact, he once kicked Rotting Christ off of a show with Megadeth because he took offense to their name. METAAAAL!! \m/


I’m going because of megadeth actually. And yeah, I don’t know many ppl who like megadeth nowadays, but idgaf. I’m just stoked I get to hear his shitty voice in person finally. :smile:


Didn’t he drop on the whole Jeovah Witness thing he had going on some years ago?


His mom was a jehovah witness and He was raised jehovah witness, but never stuck to it. He is just considered Christian now


Apparently there’s songs in Megadeth’s back catalogue he refuses to play because they’re too “anti christian” (like The Conjuring)


Yeah true, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s his music after all. He can play what he wants. And there are a lot better songs that they have than the conjuring anyways.