Music Thread


I feel like he’s put a lot less effort into this project now. He’s garnered too much hype and is getting comfortable. His rapping is so much goofier and doesn’t have that natural flow he had on previous albums. Even the production on this is such a massive downgrade to Butterfly. This album was a huge disappointment for me, but I guess it’s hard to outshine TPAB. The first time I saw this video or Humble was how they’re overproduced to sort of smokescreen for how bad the songs are. Though the beat switch in DNA is cool I have to admit that, but I’d rather hear someone else on it that Kendrick now.

I’m saying this as someone who loved every album before this.

Feel the same way about Kanye, while not a bad artist, just gets blown way outta proportion to the point where he could burp and fart for 3 hours on an album and people would still lose their shit.

New Vince Staples though, can’t wait to hear the album



Does any one know some nice house to listen while driving? Remixes as well


I used to love listening to deadmau5


1+ on deadmau5.


Mr Oizo, AC Slater, Perturbator


Pertubator ain’t house.


Retrowave is a subgenre of house. It’s house music with flashy 80s synths and drummachines.


Might flgive that a chance, I’m a sucker for 80s music


Die Antwoord!!!


I’m not getting over anyone but I have had this song playing for almost a week now.

I think they call this lo-fi hip hop or something?



This is better


aaah yeah, I remember when the radio played this all day. great tune!



The Raid



My music choices have been polarizing lately. I blame the nice weather. Something about the sunshine makes me want to listen to the angriest metal imaginable. Either that or the prettiest, mellowest acoustic compositions that you can daydream to. The 2 albums I’ve been listening to on heavy rotation are Forever by Code Orange and The King of Whys by Owen. Heaviest, nastiest metal on one hand, introspective acoustic ballads on the other.


dope songs quinn. this is my go to good-weather-album.

I’ve probably shared it before but wth.


someone made this beauty :smiley: