Music Thread


this. this I liked within 2 seconds. good grit


I want that bass tone


I need this exact setup in my possession


I can’t get enough of this cover ¯w¯




OMG I love them! And, her death was soooooo sad and tragic :cry:


I just discovered this one:


Now THIS is how you do a stripped down version of one of your songs when you’re a punk rock band:

Original for comparison:


speaking of PUNK ROCK


Speaking of politicised lyrics


I’m not a Queen guy but I just love the bass in this song. <3


Is @Grim still around? I reckon he’d like this


This is actually a really good song. Just don’t watch the music video… unless you’re drunk or mentally ill, you will regret it.


@Pissfloyd check this out


Woah. This is groovy


Yeah its pretty dope. Sounded good live too, dat bass




Well, Blackwater Park made it through the mission elimination game, which is as good reason as any to relisten to Blackwater Park by Opeth. The full album, at that, but for now just the song with that title. Listening to Blackwater Park from Blackwater Park while playing the mission Blackwater Park? Brilliant


"Oh my lord, oh, we really really did it now
I’m a monster and you’re my sacred cow
But I can keep on running"


Attention Synth lovers, Pertubator just released a new EP.