Music Thread


So apparently there is a new album featuring various artists, the songs are about dogs and all the money that would go to the artists will go to dogs affected by Hurricane Harvey… so that happened, cool I guess. This is the song with Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus’ bass&vocals, also Blink’s Travis Barker’s drums and the guitarist is John Feldmann from Goldfinger. Sounds great in my opinion, catchy af, my favorite on this weird album.


I havn’t been able to get this song out of my head today and thinking all day about the name of the song until i found it again her tonight!


Tried to avoid this thread because I can go on damn near forever posting about music, but I finally gave in and decided fuck it. I listen to a bit of everything, though Hip-hop is my main love. I’ll start with what I was playing in the car earlier. Run The Jewels - Legend Has It.


TFW Radiohead is so good, that this is their B side.


Crap. I’m addicted to a new song.

Also, jesus christ why am I so into Bebe Rexha’s voice now


That drop at 2:40 hit me harder than Chris Brown hit Rihanna.


She does a pretty good job with Summer Madness.


Only done a couple of full play-throughs so far, but first impressions is it’s as good as anything they’ve done to date… up there with FF, Color & the Shape, One by One & Wasting Light for me…


High praise indeed. Colour and the Shape is the first album I ever fell in love with. I’ll listen to this soon.


One of my all time favorites:

Also very nice:


The last joint I was playing on the ride home - Masta Killa from Wu-Tang Clan: Therapy. Featured on his up and coming album: Loyalty is Royalty. You can also here this sometimes on Adult Swim.


It’s no way near as raw as Color & the Shape, but more sonically mature though, almost a '70s prog rock vibe going on imo, Pop-rock-esque meets Pink Floyd-esque lol… anyway I’ll let you make your own mind up :wink:

“And now for something completely different…”

Still one of my favourite artists and songs of all time.




Masta Killa is a fucking legend. Nuff said.



I absolutly love Susumu Hirasawa!
In the last four years there wasn’t any day I’ve not listend to at least one of his songs.
Even if I don’t understand what he’s singing.


Mah boi Walter does it again - Quicksand have made a new album after 22 years. I am very pleased about this.


can’t get enough of this track :heart:


Oldies but goldies.