Music Thread


I still remember when in Saints Row IV Zinyak turned the song into an opera. “Never mess with Biz Markie”.


That scene is just is perfect. :grin:


God damn. I’m only a couple songs in but I love the album so far. Serious rug pull in the first song lol. Got me good.


The best of 36 Chambers.


A man after my own :heart:


One of my two favourites from Cuban Linx.


The other one.



one of their new tracks!

Awesome video too!


Always loved this one


Almost that time of the year again… :jack_o_lantern:
(Ok got ways to go yet, but still… I’m in the mood! lol)

I love Fall and it’s almost time to start my yearly tradition I had since 1993 haha.

To watch this all throughout the month of October. (And on Christmas Day) I freaking love this movie and was obsessed with it as a kid, I’d watch it over and over again. Love the music… NOSTALGIA!!


You mean like everyday or what?


Well honestly during the month of Oct I just pop it in and I’ll watch it a few times. Then I basically just leave it in my DVD player and I’ll have in on sometimes just as I’m doing shit around the house lol

I seen it so many times dude, I can just go about my business around the house and go by the background noise of it :laughing:

As I said, I was obsessed with this movie as a kid, I can pretty much recite it.


Just found this new band!


Gods and Monsters…


Love a bit of Jeff Buckley.





Prawn have a new album. Great basslines with a warm tone. Sounds like Autumn.


great to meet a fellow hip hop head! :smiley: