Music Thread



Thanks man! :slight_smile:



I know it’s Zayn from One Direction, but I really can’t help but re-playing this song.

Also, really love @AlexNiedt’s “Don’t Forget to Tip Your Bartender”. :wink:




Somebody I’ve been checking out recently. Jonwayne.


The Contortionist released a new album and holy hell its good.

Reckon it might upset a few people though, as much of their heavier side has gone as they’ve evolved into a more ethereal band. There’s basically no screamed vocals on the entire album.




It’s been a long time since i’ve entered the booth, so this is a track from my album that was released in 2014. Hope you guys like it :slight_smile:


Any hiphop fans here? No? Thought so. Too bad


Let’s listen to nas and smoke some dope


Dalek released a new album this year


That just trips me out.


Yeh Dalek will do that to ya. Amazing group



Great mix of the iconic main theme from the first Max Payne game


I don’t LOVE this song but I like it. The band has been trying to find the sweetspot between technicallity and groove for a while and in this album they may have done so according to just about every review on the internet but it doesn’t feel quite right to me. Still, not like they’ll be doing much more music with a rape case going on.

I enjoyed the teaser at the end of the first chorus much more than the actual breakdown. I think they tried to overcomplicate the simplistic of section in songwriting… you just djent heavy on a breakdown. No need for trying too many notes, or not to mute the ones you’re playing. The guitars should sound much more rythmical than how harmonical they end up being there.


Movie is shitty as hell, but THIS MUSIC wow