Music Thread


Allie X is the next big thing.


Fellow hip hop head head :raised_hand:

oh and this my rap song from my album, it’s not nice lol but i’ve made a lot of progress since my college days :wink:






RIP Eyedea


Also Run The Jewels



Even Jeremy Corbyn is a fan, ahaha


Boi you just made me hip to a new favorite track.

Had me at "Fuck Israel " LOL yeah, ‘Street Corners’ is a banger.

I like ‘Bronze Nazareth’ too the hook is deep, but the first one spoke to me. Had it on repeat for a minute.

Good lookin bro


Wouldn’t have expected it but that’s dope!

Happy to help. Enjoy the new tunes my man!


Some more leftfield hip hop. Discovered H09909 this summer when they played at ArcTanGent festival. I missed most of their set but listened to them quite a lot afterwards - Really fucking cool and weird, tons of energy. I also love the shit outta dälek - Dense, abrasive instrumentals and no bullshit politically charged lyrics. Sadly I missed them every time they’ve played in my city. They even played the venue I work in (we have a signed poster of theirs in the office).


Well it’s a veritable Hip-Hop sausage fest in here lately! :crazy_face:

Triple OG over here :raised_hand: over 4 decades in… been listening to Rap heavy since the golden age of DMC, LL, BDP, Beasties etc. etc. (and this is of course still my favourite era)

My first love is and will always be electric Blues & heavy Rock -but I listen to everything -all genres, all periods… if I like it I like it!

From Sinatra to Aretha, Stevie to MJ, Beethoven to Biggie… it’s ALL Rock & Roll to me!


Bone still my favorite group, yes even over WU


Cool song, cool video




I love finding hidden gems like this. One of the most underrated bands ever, Quicksand, playing live in 1995.


Quality Song