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Found these old gems, eminem performing ‘Low Down and Dirty’ back in 1997 and it’s amazing to see, he’s performing in from of 30 something people. Damn, i’ll do anything to be there.

and here’s him and proof recording ‘Get Back’


Looks like I’m the only person who likes music similar to the ones I post in this thread. Welp. I am the odd one out.



Objectively, I’m just saying, you can do better than listening to disposable pop stars.


I do listen to other people. Some make pop as well, but have made other songs in different genres.

  • Calvin Harris
  • Alessia Cara
  • Logic
  • Coldplay, etc.


I like some pop too, hell almost all rock music is just a pop subgenre. I’m just saying that stuff along the lines of Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, etc are pretty goddamn trashy and there’s significantly better art out there.

Okay I’m being a huge asshole so I’ll see myself out.


I actually don’t like a lot of Katy and Taylor’s songs, I just like her songs Witness and Roulette, as well as a few older songs.




It is, it all stems from the pop scene of the 50s. Verse-chorus-bridge, chorus, repeat. Some more experimental and progressive subgenres came out of the 70s, but for the most part rock is just harder pop.


“rock” is such a broad church these days that as a term by itself, it’s basically irrelevant and meaningless.

Bands described as rock vary from anything between Coldplay and Dillinger Escape Plan


And it all comes from pop, which is what I was getting at.


Also lasagna, spaghetti and all forms of pasta are asian food because they all come from the time when Marco Polo went to asia and discovered noodles.


I didn’t say rock is pop, I said that it’s a subgenre, an offshoot. They are different genres but are absolutely part of the same family, and pop is one of the oldest members of that family.


Actually, pretty much all modern music finds it’s origins from 12 bar Blues, but to be honest, who cares about labels anyway… F*ck a label. The only thing that should matter about music is personal enjoyment and (to paraphrase Bruce Lee) emotional content… “Do not look at the finger or you will miss all the Heavenly glory!”

Like I said earlier in the thread, everything is rock n’ roll if you like it enough…

This is rock & roll…

And this B**ch is definitely rock & roll…

She also happens to be the sexiest, most beautiful woman that has ever walked the face of the planet and my future wife (so I may be a little biased here lol)


You’re right actually, blues was definitely more influential on popular 20th century music than 50s pop was.


Shakira disagrees


Heard Piqué is about to divorce her because he got all jealous of her world tour, and that she thinks he can no longer prove a liable business partner for losing just about all sponsorship chances due to his very public political opinions.