Music Thread


rubber ducky! :hatching_chick:


'‘Biomedical Equation’ -RZA feat. MF Doom

A little while ago @Nazareth was kind enough to make me hip to this album. I listened to it and came away with this as my favorite track.

I like RZA on this one better than Doom I just like the religious metaphors as well as the message RZA has at the end.

“Fifty thousand year process to make this combination
I’m not giving mine away to Satan
Although I know that he’s awaiting
To get a hold of my biochemical equation”

“He wear his beard like a frizzly haired grizzly
And kept his appearances exquisitely rare, where is he?
Is he in the backyard or on your front porch
Or standing in the corner of the club with the blunt torched”

Looks like I am an instant fan of anything RZA and DOOM get on.


Yo, Picture bloodbaths and elevator shafts
Like these murderous rhymes tight from genuine craft
Check the print, it’s where veterans spark the letterings
Slow moving MC’s is waiting for the editing
The liquid soluble that made up the chemistry
A gaseous element, that burned down your ministry
Herbal vapors and biblical papers
Smoking Exodus, every square yard is plush


I see you’re using an old style
I wondered where you’d learned it from


You know very well, it’s yours too.

Edit: GZA is a fucking beast


:smile: For all the Wu heads here, a couple of new tracks from their latest album coming Oct 13.

@Lazlow Since you’re digging RZA and DOOM, here’s another joint I particularly like.


You in my head-get out!

I was actually gonna mention that song in my last post after I was talking about being a fan of RZA and Doom joints.

I adore that melody. I love how they let the beat ride out at the start and end of the song. I think I can listen to that song forever and be cool. And of course-of course you know I like the straight facts RZA was dropping on his verse.

"I came to the shores of America disguised as a pillar
The alpha and omega and the home of the beggars, the black sellers
Who been beaten, raped, lynched, robbed and stoned
And caused to roam the earth in service cause they couldn’t maintain at
This dates back to 1555
When they captured the first tribe of men
And piled them in a pen
Fifty feet high
They took em all on a 9000 mile ride"

Yeah man that’s my joint.

And I been on ‘People Say’ when I first heard it a little while back. My favorite on this one is Redman, I think he stole the show.

"Before I poly, Red lighting the Bob Marley
So I can cipher God bodies from the John Gotti’s
Everybody a boss, saying they time’s money
Women injections, leave 'em with odd bodies
Babies having babies, wearing Old Navy
Robbin’ old ladies, that’s a product of no home training"


You and Fortheseven on point with the rhymes man. :smile:

I just realized I posted the same video twice when I meant to post this.


Nice rap m8
edit these ones tho as they don’t rhyme


Herbal vAPORS and bibical pAPERS
Smoking ExoDUS, every square yard is PLUSH

Yeah they do, look up rhyming schemes


The metal inside the barrel passes
through the frames in your glasses
Quick passage, leave your dome piece backless
Envision blackness, leave you hat-less, fucking cap-less,


These ones don’t tho


What rhymes with exodus?
1 syllable


It’s the “US” sound in both words that is being rhymed.


I see it
My OCD disagrees tho


I liked all of these songs and they all give me flashbacks to my great trip to America in 2015… Ahhhh the good times.


Loved the Martin Shkreli diss in Lesson Learn’d, it was a long time coming for that shit.


James Bond intensifies


Fucking love all the music in that game.

Actually they been dissing him for a little while, at least Ghostface has. You can check it out on YouTube. There’s like a series of Ghost and Martin going back and forth at each other.



Tech Nine, Eminem and Big L are my personal fav and this is one of my favorite tracks by tech nine :heart: