Music Thread


I know about that, I was just saying how I don’t think they’ve dissed him in a song before.



You know this asshole actually made his own diss song? Its called “Ghostbusters”. :rofl:


Martin Shkreli should not try to rap, and doing it should add an extra 10 years to his sentence.




The more you listen to it, the more one realises Blade Runner 2049’s score is very much unique to the film itself; It evolves with the story and we never hear tracks repeated. It ultimately culminates in my favourite piece, which appropriately borrows from the original and fits perfectly into the ending.


That was the moment everything came full circle for me. It made me smile - Alhough I was enjoying the fact the new score took absolutely no cues from the original up until that point.

Though I have to say this was probably my favourite, both in terms of music and in terms of the actual scene.


There were some tonal similarities, but it’s a great score that’s much better than having Zimmer trying to mimic Vangelis.


I’m wondering what happened with Jóhann Jóhannsson. He was the original composer (He works with Denis Villeneuve frequently) but was let go from the film as late as June this year - and Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch were drafted in at extremely short notice to replace him. I doubt anything at all is left from his original score since everything is credited solely to Zimer and Wallfisch.


This is something I noticed just prior to seeing it, and it’s odd given Jóhannsson was on board for quite a while. I assume they must’ve changed their minds during editing and opted for a new score.

Might have to wait until the commentary tracks come out to understand why this happened.


Just read that Jóhannsson is “contractually prohibited” from talking about it. Hmm.


Pretty standard I’d imagine – given they paid him for his trouble and didn’t want him to cause a stir for being dropped.



Not sure if this is the right thread for it, but thought I’d share how pleased I am to finally get some of these beauties out of storage.

It’s four years since I finished qualifications and we moved back from Oxford to Bristol; it’s crazy how time flies. Might be a long process, but I’m eventually going to get this spare room next to the office kitted out and have it as a music room/home studio. The girls are of an age now where they’re starting to appreciate popular culture, so it’ll be nice for them to have a space to express themselves too. This was the first car load. Five, six, seven more trips and it’ll be time to start sorting them into some kind of order again. :joy:

Once they’re sorted I’ll probably start selling at least half the collection, so if anyone is looking for anything in particular by all means give us a shout (Soul, Funk, Reggae, Soundtracks, Hip-Hop from '79-, and a fair bit of House/Jungle/Trance from '87-2000).

Feel I should post at least one track considering what else is in the thread, so here’s one of the first 12s I stumbled on when unpacking

and an old gem for balance. :wink:



this guy killed the ‘Deep Cover’ beat


Does the man breath tho? :wind_face:


Breathing is overrated. :smile:


haha he has INSANE breathing control, it’s really hard to tell his breathing pattern, but he fucking killed this.