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Gangster Chronicles one of my fave British Hip-Hop albums, alongside Dettwork South East, Council Estate of Mind and The Unknown.


I was early twenties and living in London through that era, so you can imagine that selection was pretty much a day-to-day thing. :grinning:

Council Estate of Mind especially is one of those albums where as long as there’s poverty and social inequality in the UK, it will always resonate.

I take it you’re familiar with what Titan Sounds, Ronin, Lowlife, Lewis Parker, Champions of Nature, and some of those type of crews were pressing up at the time? All worth a listen if you’re into that sound.


Yeah, my era also. Classic days of Kiss, LWR, Solar etc. late '80s through to Westwood, Rodigan & Grooverider Radio 1 weekends in the mid '90s.
Ahh nostalgia lol.

Masquerades & Silhouettes is up there too :sunglasses:




This isn’t the original, it’s the remix, but that doesn’t matter, it’s still better.


I think that GTA has some of the best music mixes in gaming.

They have radio stations so good that even if I don’t like the genre of music I end up loving the radio station anyway. The humor is always spot on and the music they pick is top notch.

A couple of my favs:

And of course my personal radio station:

All the time I find songs on the stations that end up being personal favorites of mine. If I had the money to make a game I would want Rockstar to make the world map and the radio stations.


Speaking of music in videogames, I first heard this in a For Honor trailer and loved it. So of course I had to get it for myself.

Same thing with this track I heard in a Akrham City trailer.


Reggae <3


Buffalo Soldier.


I can definitely get behind some Raggae.


amazing lyrics

I heard the old man’s voice break, stutter once then stop it. I heard
A sentence started confidently halted by the sudden absence of a word.
Stumbled and he sputtered trying to find it back, something once so simple gone now.
When he finally gave up told me, “Aw, it’s like hell getting old.”

When you came into the store, did you know you’d show me your scars?

I had a heavy heart, he carried a door, it’s shattered pane all wrapped in plastic and he asked if I could fix it, come by a little later help him put it back on hinges. “See, I’m far too old to lift it and it’s not for my house,
It’s my son’s.”

When you opened up the door, what is it you thought you’d find?

(Nobody flinch)

Later I came by and backed into the driveway. Got out to find him waiting there to lead me through the side yard to back behind the house where the door frame stood empty and helped me keep it steady while I hammered all the pins in then later on the porch we somehow got to talking, he told me of the house and how is son is schizophrenic so they purchased it for him, the medication working and they figured it would help him fit in-help him lead a normal life.

But the pills made him sleep too much. And he couldn’t keep a job as a Result so one day he just gave up on taking them.
And that day she had called you, he’d locked her outside of the house.

How quickly did you get there? And what were you thinking while walking up? What fears flashed in front of you, taunted you, walking to unlock the door?

I remember it, Ed. That story you told me came back clear tonight here while writing. And you should know the feeling never left me-the weight of my heart-when you showed me the scars on your arms, when I looked in your eyes and I heard what you said how you probably would’ve died were it not for to care for your daughter and wife. How he drove in the knife, still your son.

How you seemed to look through me to some old projector screen playing back the scene as you described it on a movie reel, as real as the minute when it happened, that memory moving behind me. That moment that changed you for good.

And he drove to the house and pulled into the driveway. Got out to find his wife waiting, frantic. She’d come by to check, found that pillbox was empty, went out to the pharmacy to fill up his prescription and came back to a locked door and could not get back in. She’d knocked and she’d knocked but he wasn’t responding.

You put the key into the lock and turned it. Felt the bolt slide away. Slowly open. Went into the hall, his son held a knife, standing off in the shadows, lunged forward and tackled him. Stabbing him over and over and breaking that window. He fled up the staircase. The ambulance came, stitched and filled him with blood while the cops took his son with his wires so tangled his father was a stranger.

And I sit in my apartment.
I’m getting no answers.
I’m finding no peace, no release from the anger.
I leave it at arms length.
I’m keeping my distance.
From hotels and Jesus and blood on the carpet.
I’m stomaching nothing.
I’m reaching for no one.
I’m leaving this city and I’m headed out to nowhere.
I carry your image.
Your grandfather’s coffin.
And Ed, if you hear me, I think of you often.
That’s all I can offer.
That’s all that I know how to give.


great song by Keane


At home, still ill, and still sifting through records. Postie hasn’t arrived with Evil Within yet either, so I’m going to spam you with a few jammies while waiting. :laughing:

Someone was playing this on a system in the early hours of my first night at Glastonbury. Can’t remember the year, but it was still when you could pack a pillow and a few supplies, hike the fence and get your stroll on. The Beasties played; it was a lovely day, someone had a sheet of I think Celtic Fences, then just before they hit the stage the heavens opened. I remember this being played about 6-ish or something. Took about four years to track the seven down but it was worth the wait.

The sound of taking the tube to Highbury around '97/8.

One of the best to do it.

Listening to some old Wu reminded me of this. Really glad someone uploaded it. Rahzel wasn’t out yet; he was just bubbling up, touring with The Roots at the time. He does ‘Bring the Pain’ and some other old classics for peeps to rhyme over; everyone’s faded off the freebies: rare to get so many greats in one cypher.




Damn man, I feel like you & me could be brothers separated at birth with our taste in music, and Glasto experiences lol… my first Glastonbury was '95 -climbing a little rope ladder over the main fence, narrowly escaping the security with their Alsatians and landing in the Wig-Wam section lol…

But then you mentioned the tube to Highbury which makes me think you’re a Gooner? No brother of mine! :laughing:


JK- All love of course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



It’s funny with the football; not sure if it’s my distance from it now, or the way the game’s changed, but I can quite happily watch Tottenham or United matches without getting too angry these days. :joy:

Ahh, good times! The evolution of that fence is fascinating looking back. We went most years until the late ‘90s, maybe even 2000.

The first couple of times there were rope ladders, entrepreneurs with step ladders roaming the perimeter, and Escape to Victory-type holes that had been dug where you could just crawl straight under. Then year-on-year it got taller and more difficult to scale, with tighter security, to the point where the whole area outside had lost that fun factor by the end.

Probably rose-tinted glasses and par for the course, however it’s a bit of a shame the festival developed into such a huge corporate entity. Half the atmosphere was created by that collective knowing that thousands of people were in there for nowt, and all part of this huge free party.



Yeah totally agree mate, those ladders were £5 quid back then, probably couldn’t even get half a pint for that at Glasto now. Also the vibe seemed friendlier back then, could just go up to people and have a smoke & drink with them (I mean you probably still can, but as you said, rose tinted specs and all that) …We got chatting to some dudes who gave us a bag of mushrooms for free… spent the night sleeping on the ground looking up at a tree and seeing Leprechauns dancing along to Snoop Dogg :smile:



Talking of leprechauns…


Luckily we knew quite a few people around that area from the free party scene, so would often bump into peeps we knew along the fence if you wandered long enough. If not you could always try a Jedi Mind Trick or straight bumrush the spot. Either way, still a bargain compared to recent times! Some of the friends we used to go with have worked as stewards the last few, and they say it’s still great but a lot different than it used to be.

A few more treats:

Poor quality, Pal Joey live on the pads and KRS going in

Sean Price lights this up

and a change of pace from way back:

That’s probably enough out of me for now. :laughing: Hope everyone has a good weekend!



(German song) Very strange, don’t listen it if you’re tired. Very confusing, but good.