I’m guessing that choice was 100% based on the guy’s name :sweat_smile:.


Changed mine because Caruso is the first real target that’s an actual character with some detailed backstory in a Hitman game. Kinda sympathize with him, despite the fact that he’s making something that can basically kill everyone in the world haha


God damn that sounds good. You make my hype go crazy


reminder to change back your avatar on May 24th :slight_smile:


I want to keep mine tho. Haha :smile:


Lol I also kept the reminder in my phone :smile: But thanks anyway.

Yeah if people want to keep their avatars that’s fine. But I’m missing my
(Agent 47 Police sketch :blush:)


I think I’m going to keep mine.At least for a little bit longer than 24th may.


I’m old fashioned I guess, I gotta stick to the rules lol 47 days and 47 days only, for me :smile:


Yeah, I know that when Overwatch is released, it’s time to change my HMF avatar haha :smile:


I miss having this smug asshole as my avatar :frowning:

Only 12 more days bb


I also miss my old avatar…


Now only 3 days to go… Since its been long and people don’t even remember my old avatar, and I am growing into my new one… should it be changed or not… Lets see.


I remember your old avatar the “KrugerSchmidts” lion (I think it’s a lion) logo :smile: But yeah it’s not the same seeing your name without your logo lol its like seeing Joe Clarence without Joe Clarence avatar ha! it’s been fun, but in 3 days I think I’m gonna switch back. I miss my 47 sketch :cry:


Holy shit imagine one day Joe changed it I could never look at his posts the same way again.


Yeah ill probably switch back too.


Hahaha, exactly man! :laughing: It’s funny how we choose to see people based on their avatar with their posts lol at least that’s what I tend to do on here sometimes.

I can’t ask Joe myself, seeing he was a bad boy and got suspended, but does anybody know why he chose Clarence as both his name and avatar? Knowing him, it surely has to be more than its just his favorite character… Anyone know his story with that? Haha curious :thinking:


Haha yeah it is a strange choice I suppose, we will have to ask him when his suspension is lifted :smile:.


What happened to him? He looked at the photograph?

There was a thread here, where everybody could explain how he have chosen his avatar and nickname. Haven’t Clarence explained that there?


I must have missed that one if you find it let me know :smiley:.


Here you are:

No trails of Clarence there. :expressionless: