Thanks I will take a look, that’s a shame I guess for now it remains a mystery :smile:.


Yeah, I didn’t find him in that thread either…We’ll have to ask him when he gets back, don’t know exactly what happened with him though. Something about not following guidelines or something…

But yeah, I assume he looked at the photograph lol

"No, please! Haven’t I suffered enough? Don’t ya think I know the suffering I’m responsible for?..I can’t sleep… I haven’t slept in…the guilt I feel… I’m SO sorry, I know I can never…ill pay you! Double what your client is paying, Triple! Please, I’m a good man alls I want is a second chance, every thing I ever did I did for love…"
-Joseph Clarence BM :laughing:


I would be a crappy Hitman because I would be greedy and take his offer :smile:.



Haha yes! I would choose Winston Beldingford or the CIA agent from a dance with the devil :smile:


In the target list at the beginning of this topic there aren’t all targets, like the priest and the guards in Requiem, Strong’s guards in Sniper Challenge, Spetznaz agent in Invitation to a party (even he’s an optional target, like the mysterious assassin), Blue Lotus members in Ambush at the Wang Fou Restaurant (C47), bikers in Gunrunner’s Paradise (six guards to kill before Ivan arrives, as Diana ordered, everyone is a different model), agents 48 in “Meet your brother”, Zavorotko’s guards.
Some people are not targets, but 47 has to kill them to finish the mission, so we could consider them targets as well, like in Finding U’wa tribe (soldiers on the bridge to rescue the tribeman and near the airplane to take golden statue), in Plutonium Runs Loose (if we don’t kill mechanics and captain we can’t escape with the ship) or the first nurse in Training of C47 (we have to kill him to take his clothes and exit the asylum).


Good point, However I made this thread for “actual” targets. No so much as (optional) targets. Yeah, you are right, 47 can/must eliminate some of those people you mentioned, but that was just to complete his mission or to get closer to his actual target. They technically weren’t targets selected by the ICA but you make an excellent point. I guess if people would really wanna choose one of those people as “targets”, then they can feel free to find a photo of those people and use one of them next year. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh well maybe we can include them next time :slight_smile:.


Yeah maybe I’ll add those in the future, gotta whole year for that lol we’re still getting new targets anyhow, that I’ll still have to add anyway, so. :hugs:
Not to mention the “Barcode Society” thread as well, still needs to be updated.


What is this barcode society thread you speak of?


It’s a secret club :wink:

Lol naw, it’s just all the mission briefings and details from all the missions, don’t know why I called it that lmao sounded cool when I saw it…


I forgot the two indian assassins. They are true targets


When did you make that thread I never saw it.


Oh wow, I did miss them :flushed: Lol damn I’ll have to add them, thank you for pointing that out. I have to update it anyway in the future seeing that Hitman is still in process…

@Mr.Reaper oh man, I’m not sure, it was a few weeks ago maybe more?? It should be on the thread, I’d have to look.


Oh ok thought it was recently.


It’s kind annoying that the targets are on post 30… Would want them in the OP or on your second post. Maybe I’m just nitpicking but it’s annoying to search for them. At least now I know they are on post 30 so I can just go directly there now.

But anyway, keep adding the new targets when they are released :slight_smile:

Maybe it doesn’t matter until next year though.


Yeah, thanks I’ll keep that in mind. Lol I’ve noticed that too. I originally didn’t add the targets photos, I did that a little later on down the line. Obviously I didn’t realize at the time it was in post 30 :laughing:

But yeah I’ll fix it eventually, I mean we still have targets that ain’t even released yet, so I’ll fix them all at once, when their all out. It will definitely be completed/fixed before next year though :wink:


It’s pretty much over now anyway so misewell worry about it next year :smiley:.


Yup pretty much…3 more days and it’s back to my 47 sketch :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Keeping mine. It doesn’t seem fit that i change my avatar since my name is Vinnie Sinistra. Lol. So I’ll just keep it.