True!..stupid question but, was your name always @Vinnie_Sinistra or did you recently change it?


It wasn’t always @Vinnie_Sinistra. It used to be @SilentChaos47.


Ahh! That was it!! I thought it used to be something else, I just couldn’t remember :smile:


Lol. no worries. My Steam name and gamertag is SilentChaos so I named myself that on here. Changed it because I’d rather be @Vinnie_Sinistra because he’s my favorite target.


Right, right. I remember now. I knew it used to be something else I just wasn’t sure what. lol but yeah, makes sence to keep the avatar since your new name now…
Just like mr. Clarence :laughing:


Yes you misewell keep it now you changed your name :yum:.

Edit: When you messaged me on PS4 I thought you meant you had two accounts on here :yum:.



You never message me on PS4…



LOL :smile: I haven’t had as much time to get on lately man, sorry lol. I’m working 12 hour days now :cry:


Do I have you on PS4?


I lost my old profile pic so I think I’ll just stick with this one…not to mention that I really like this concept art


I’m just messing with ya man :smile: I get it. Business before pleasure lol

And no @Mr.Reaper you do not…I’m very angry :rage:


Hmm i don’t think you’re allowed to have two account. isn’t that why @FantumX got suspened? :confused:


No you’re not allowed and yes it was the reason but mostly because he used the accounts to go on a flagging spree :yum:. @AGENT4T7 what is your username and do you have uncharted four?


Unfortunately no…I honestly just have the PS4 for Hitman to tell ya the truth. Vinnie is my only friend on there so far :cold_sweat: Very sad, I am lmfao
All my friends have Shitboxs or only play PC

But my name on there is AGNT4T7

Basically the same as here, but I had to drop the “E” on PS4, Someone fuckin STOLE it from me!! :imp:


Oh ok well if you don’t have uncharted I’m not adding you :laughing:. Only joking I will add you as soon as I next boot up my PS4 currently chilling on the sofa since getting back from Skegvegas (Skegness) with the little one and Mrs.


Tell me about it. I get a PS4 and all my friends go and get XBOX Ones…Why go and do that? :confused: :laughing: Well they’re missing out on exclusive content on HITMAN so their loss. Lol


I know right those Sarajevo six missions are the best :neutral_face:.


LOL. :laughing: Well yeah, those are lame i admit…but what about requiem DLC. haha


Love you sarcasm @Mr.Reaper :laughing: ^

But yeah Vinnie lol that’s what I told them… “fuck you guys, I got the requiem suit” their loss…


Requiem suit was pre order exclusive not PS4 exclusive I’m confused :flushed:.