I know right those Sarajevo six missions are the best :neutral_face:.


LOL. :laughing: Well yeah, those are lame i admit…but what about requiem DLC. haha


Love you sarcasm @Mr.Reaper :laughing: ^

But yeah Vinnie lol that’s what I told them… “fuck you guys, I got the requiem suit” their loss…


Requiem suit was pre order exclusive not PS4 exclusive I’m confused :flushed:.


Fuck I meant Sarajevo six, my bad lmao

Anyway… This is me, waiting for you to add me on PS4



You should change your look, because you’re a police informant in mafia trial.


He goes by the name “James” now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And his wife’s a whore, but don’t tell him that. He trusts her completely :smirk: Ha!


Damn you gonna be tired by the time I get around to adding you if your jumping up and down until then :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


Who’s Vinnie? Dis is eh…James. :laughing:


this was my old avatar

i want it back D:


Haha I remember you having that lol that’s a cool picture :smile:


7 more hours until the 47 days event ends here in Australia… Holy shit I can’t wait to see ol’ Jamie boy next to my name again.

This was a pretty neato event 4T7, this definitely should be a yearly thing.


Lol thanks man! Yeah these past 47 days flew by. I’am missing my 47 sketch though :smile: I hope this catches on too, as a yearly event. As well as your “Hitmanforum Awards” that was actually a really awesome idea :+1:t2:



The very 1st “National 47 Day” has finally come to an end :disappointed: These past 47 Days have just flown by… I wanna thank all of you that have participated in selecting their favorite Hitman Target for those 47 days…

I kinda wish more people would have participated…
(Where’s your Hitman spirit?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

But nevertheless, thank you again for all that did. You guys are AWESOME!! :smiley: I hope this new tradition in the Hitmanforum sticks around and more of you decide to participate next year, for the 2nd annual “47 Day.”

Participants may now change back their avatars
(If you wish)

As for this particular thread…


BACK with my Old Profile Pic.
Thanks @AGENT4T7 and rest of the gang for participating… Had a nice run… Ive got my next year’s target locked already!


Now there is the @KrugerSchmidts I remember :+1:t2:

Got next years target already in your sights? Man! You certainly are a true professional :smile:

Yes, hope more members participate next year :wink:


It’s seriously weird seeing the old avatars and I have to look on the names instead of the avatars.

Very nice event and I too think it should be a yearly thing.


I was the one with the Black dude (Dr Valantine) pic… Just to be clear.


Thank you, @AGENT4T7 for this initiative. :wink:


Haha, I almost think of @KrugerSchmidts with his original pic and KrugerSchmidts with his 47 day pic as separate people. This is so werid lol