I’m looking for a good Nne Obara’s pic but I’ll have to take a pic of the briefing with teh DVR and do some editing (maybe).


Can you use this?


Not good enough. I’m using her pic when she is walking with her soldiers in the briefing.


Yeah that’s fine too.

Just another reminder to everyone, as I mentioned in the OP…

When you decide on a target, you don’t have to choose the targets photo I provided. If you find a better version of the target photo you want, you can certainly use that instead.

Me posting all the targets photos in the OP is just there for your convenience when choosing :slightly_smiling_face:

So feel free to use a different one or edit or whatever lol


Okay, i found this as well the picture is a bit dark, so you can’t see her face very well :flushed:.


I have a fear that too many people are gonna use Caruso. :^D I’m going to find more unusual picture of him though.


Yeah. The pics on Google aren’t that good. I’ll take the pic later. I’m busy with college work right now.


Check the Hitman screenshot thread. I forgot who posted it, but there are a lot of unique looking photos of Caruso somewhere in there.


Maybe you can use his pic of when he was a kid? The ones showing up in the projector. Too bad the useful tool for screenshots isn’t avaible anymore but you can try something with screen capture.


Haha, I don’t think I’m gonna use that but thanks for a suggestion. Gotta check out the screenshot thread.


Here is one I saved of Caruso from the screenshot thread a while back…


Like this, i took the picture now from the briefing video :smiley:.



Yeah, I might just do a random one. I don’t really want to do one from Hitman 6, I feel like those targets are going to be the most popular. I might do one from Contracts, or Hitman 2. Probably Contracts, because I did Agent 17 from H2 last year.


This picture is closer to her than the previous picture so her face is closer to the camera

And i took a screenshot of this as well


Yeah, you’re probably right :sweat_smile:

Well you could always do one of the 48’s since you did Agent 17 last year lol


i know who i am gonna choose as my avatar this year :smiley:

@AGENT4T7 can i say who i will choose as my avatar, or do i have to keep it a secret ?


Had fun with this last year @AGENT4T7 so thx for making it! Looking forward to doing it again.


Thanks man, I’m glad to hear that :slightly_smiling_face:

And @Niobium there is no rule saying we can’t, I mean you certainly can if you wish to, I just think (IMO) it would be more fun in waiting to see who everyone chooses the day of. But that’s just me, you’re welcome to reveal who you will choose now though :slightly_smiling_face: Me personally, I’m gonna wait lol

EDIT: Also, what I like to do with this “holiday” is try to get into character with my target lmao

not through the entire 47 days of course. But every now and then, I like to use “lines” from my chosen target, or say things I think that target would (if the chance presents itself within my posts when talking to you all in the forum) :hugs: Idk… Just to keep things fun haha.


Great idea @AGENT4T7, but I don’t think we can get to know the targets better, as they seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth. Very suspicious, we don’t know who is responsible, but we’ll continue our investigation.:sunglasses:
Just kidding, but this actually is a great idea. Maybe we can award the member with best avatar??