Hahaha yes wonder who is killing all these people :smirk:

But thank you, glad you like it. This will actually be the second year doing this, I don’t know or remember if you did it last year.

And sure… I mean I don’t know how we would decide who had the best avatar, considering it’s all personal preference, but hey, if people are interested I guess maybe a poll?

Idk, you can feel free to do something with that if you wish… See what happens… Hope to see you take part in it this year! :slightly_smiling_face:


No I’m a relatively new member, hoping to take part this year. Anyway as for the poll it will be hard, considering members would have the same thing, but you know, #NothingIsImpossible


Oh yeah! I’m in on this!


Well I’m very glad people like the idea :smiley:
Hitmans Twitter actually noticed it and brought it up last year. That was pretty cool.

It’s not a rule or anything, but I like to keep the target that I’m gonna choose a secret until the day of.

I think it’s more fun that way, seeing everyone’s favorite target all at once. Haha but that’s just me :smile: People can feel free to reveal their choice at any time.


I did not play along with this last year because I was quite new and loved my pic and did not want to change it. Since then, I have changed my pic a few times but it has ALWAYS been a duck in one form or another since day one.

This year I will play along but I will bend (but not break) both the OP rules as well as my own personal “duck rule.”


Nice! Can’t wait to see what ya come up with :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I love the fact you always kept the duck apart of your avatar in some way.

I’m very glad more people seem to be getting involved with it this year. It’s gonna be a great “47 Day”

As I’m sure you already seen, after the 47 days are up, (May 24th) you can go back to your signature ducky :wink:


Yes, I may have to come up with a new duck pic after this event. Loved them all but it’s nice to shake things up a bit now and then.

Teaser ahead…

My target will slowly be revealed in riddle form soon. (not that y’all are on the edge of your seat about what FantumX will do next :joy:)


Come on Fantum​:joy::joy:
20 characters Iz dumb


I’m actually doing a little research on the pic I’m going to use just to make sure i get my facts straight. I know there are a lot of “die-harders” out there who know every crumb of info about anything and everything Hitman so I don’t want to look foolish. :blush:


Hey you could the duck of death, the black ICA duck, have you done that before?But since that’s not a target as per @AGENT4T7 guidelines, do whatever comes to your mind.
Good luck​:sunglasses::baby_chick:


I actuall have a pic of the black duck I’ve been holding onto just in case I decide to go with it. It does look cool as hell so I’ve been ver tempted on many occasions to use it.


You really should, I know what duck you are talking about and that one looks badass!

But yeah, it must be a target, however if you would like to add the duck in with your target (somehow) that would be awesome too!

But after “47 day” is officially over, you really should have that black duck as your profile pic :sunglasses::+1:


Yeah, I’m not using “Blackie” for your event. Perhaps after. And I did say i would be “bending but not breaking” the rules so Blackie is def on the sidelines for now.


@FantumX @AGENT4T7 Check this out


Okay, I’ve done as much research into my “National 47 Day” avatar as I care to do. I feel relatively confident that any clues I give are accurate and true, but because I intend to present them in riddle form, they may be misleading (mwa-ha-ha :smiling_imp:)

It will satisfy the requirement of the OP that it be a target of 47’s.

It will also satisfy my personal requirement of keeping a duck as my avatar.

All depending on one’s point of view when looking at the picture.

The picture I will use is not some obscure screenshot, nor a photoshopped image. It will be cropped from a mainstream image from the Hitman game franchise.

So…riddle me this Batman,

I am a human target with no face and no name.
But you can identify me by my 10 little digits.

Can you find me?

Okay, it took me over an hour to come up with that one tiny, lame riddle so I’m ditching the riddle approach.


Is it that guy bathing with yellow rubber duck about to be electrocuted, whose 10 toes is everything we can see?

BTW, I wonder if I can use this for my avatar?


DAMN!!! Yes it is. That was too freakin fast. I just came up with 5 other clues to put up over the coming days. Oh well, I want to post them anyway so here they are in the order I would have posted them.

  1. It is not uncommon for ducks to be found in places similar to where I was killed.

  2. Due to the circumstances surrounding my death, foresics would likely have a difficult time establishing my time of death.

  3. Long time Hitman fans would quickly link me to Blood Money.

  4. If I were a baby, my mommy would say this while playing with me “This little piggy went to market. This little piggy stayed home. This little piggy had roast beef. This little piggy had none. This little piggy went 'What the f**k is that giant duck doing there?” :joy::joy::joy:

  5. If Arnold Schwarzenegger played the role of 47, he would have said “You’re toast.” as he carried out my assassination.


So yeah, here’s the full pic followed by the crop that will be my avatar.



Well, for me the clues were: “keeping a duck as my avatar”, “not some obscure screenshot”, “mainstream image from the Hitman game franchise” and “target with no face and no name”


Yeah, that was a lot of info to put out there. Still, nice job getting it so quickly.

EDIT: And it is one of my fave targets because that picture is still awesome to this day. And members on here are still asking for that to be actually put in the game.


I’m still waiting to kill someone in that way