LMFAO! Hahahahaha!

Dude, seriously! Number 5) of your riddle literally made me crack the hell up, oh my god!! :joy:

"You’re toast!"

I could so picture him saying that if he were 47 in this picture :laughing:

But I know who you’re gonna choose :stuck_out_tongue:
Perfect target for ya!


Is there any kind of official statement that the hitman day is on April 7th, and not July 4th, September 5th, November 19th or December 1st? Because I refuse to celebrate it on north american dates.


That has been brought up in the past however, I made it for April 7 th because

Month 4 = April

Day 7 = obviously 7


I did it because of that, not because it happens to be “American” besides I didn’t want to do it for 4th of July because that is already a holiday and didn’t want to “share holidays”

September 5th is cool because that’s the birth of 47, but like I said, I liked how it’s shown on the calendar
4/7. I’m sorry if you don’t like that, but that’s how it was last year and that’s how it’s staying. I hope you change your mind, but I respect your opinion.

And it may not be an official statement that Hitman Day is on April 7th, but Hitmans Twitter did acknowledge it last year on that date…


Eh, since it was guessed and revealed so early, I may forego my duck stance and select another “target” I have in mind that is not likely to be used. Plus, that duck WAS my original avatar a year go. It was just zoomed in more so the feet didn’t show. Hate to repeat it.

EDIT: holy crap, my backup pic HAS a duck in it! I’m saved!!! No clues this time. Y’all just gotta wait.


Is it The Jacuzzi Job’s loading screen?


We will be waiting Mr. Sidjan :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No. And I’m gonna punch you thru this screen if you go guessing it again! :joy: :kissing_heart:

I will neither confirn nor deny any further guesses from anyone until 47 day.


I didn’t immediatly think of this matter because again, this is an american holiday. It slipped my mind that the independance day for the USA was that date. Sorry for making you feel sorry, my comment was not ment to be taken in a poor tone or in a harsh voice. But this reasoning sadly, is not enough for me to participate. I would rather celebrate his birthday and not April 7th or July 4th.


Well, I hope you reconsider but it’s no problem if you choose not to. :slightly_smiling_face:


Caught me off guard. I actually thought you were joking about the whole thing. But that’s okay. You’ve had my respect since you joined and I fully respect your stance.

Now, repeatedly jump 3 feet until you’ve gone 30 yards, then drive 5 miles to retrieve a 1 gallon jug of water. Empty it 2 inches at a time then repeat until you accept OUR WAY. The rest of the world is crazy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well, my avatar is already my favourite target, soooo…


Then you’re all set Mr. Strandberg :laughing:
Unless you would like to pick a different style of picture of course. Maybe one that shows his face? If not, like I said, you’re all set then :wink:

“Mr. Strandberg, thousands of people are standing outside this forum. Is there anything you would like to say to them?”


‘Fuck. You.’

:joy: Seriously though, I’ll probably change it. Although I’m still keeping the E3 trailer face.


My avatar will be Winston Beldingford. I love him. Tough acting grandpa who can be killed with just a pillow. :smiley:


Hahaha I love that, Strandberg is awesome.

I’m very excited with the target I have chosen. Although I’m keeping it secret until the actual day :hugs:


I actually never realized it was from the trailer before you said this.

I’m planning to pick someone else than Caruso if there are several other people choosing him, not sure which one of the two though…:smiley:


On 7th April it would be weird to see so many dead people…


But what if they are not dead? :wink:


Then it will be strange to see so many living people :sunglasses:
PS Aren’t all targets dead??


Nope. Not “ALL” targets are dead.