New Zealand’s always early :sweat_smile:


Love that pic!!! Great choice.


The day has come(at least in my country)! I picked Hannelore :blush:


I love my avatar so much,I dont want to change it :disappointed:
Cool idea though,participated last year it was fun


Ah, come on man! Do it! I love my avatar as well, I really do! I only ever change it for this “holiday” only.

Do it, man!



I never changed my avatar from last year. I was thinking of picking someone new, but I might just stick with Ms. Ketlyn. :grin:


Here I am. In 4 minutes its 7 April


It’s 00:04 07-04-2017 now so here we go.



I’m old! And human! :scream:[/spoiler]


It’s still afternoon here but I’ll likely not be around tonight to change it so I’ll jump in a bit early.

I chose Soders because I felt like he had the most unique view. :slight_smile: Plus this IS right where I shoot him on most of my runs.


I may Do it early/late But I am Back again with the old guy. Although i had a new one in mind and i switched to it but lets see if someone else picks it.


Here we go, avatar changed. Guess I’ll be finding a bomb in my suitcase for the next 47 days.


Since my avatar has always been Vinnie, I’m gonna change my avatar to a different Vinnie pic each and every day until May 24th. So, I’m gonna end up with 47 Vinnie avatars by the end of all of this. I’ll post the pic I used for my avatar everyday in this thread just to keep track of them all.


@Vinnie_Sinistra ah, ya beat me to it, I was actually gonna announce that idea of yours, in case anybody else would like to do the same for their target.

I really do like that idea a lot though. I’m actually gonna update the OP including that idea
(Giving you full credit of course, Mr. Sinistra :blush:)


Just over 4 hrs until you see who my target is. :smile:


So who’s your target AGENT4T7?


Can’t wait to see who ya chose man, it’s really bugging me knowing I supposedly missed one and don’t know who lol

@badeaguard good choice!
Mark Parchezzi III :sunglasses::ok_hand:

As for me…?
It’s 8pm in the US, so I’m actually gonna wait 4 more hours until it’s officially “47 Day” stay tuned, my friends… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I always loved him from the trailers


“You don’t wanna kill me, 47. I’m just like you.”

Absolutely! I actually really liked him a lot myself. I just always thought it was such a shame how him and 47 had their “stand off” don’t get me wrong, the concept is great! Having a dual during a storm, on top of the White House? No doubt it showed promise, but the execution was a let down (imo)

I mean here ya had, Mark Parchezzi, supposedly the next best assassin after 47, and he could be taken out so easily, or if you disarmed him he’d beg for his life. I remember first seeing that trailer and being beyond hyped for that moment… :confused:

Yeah well, Parchezzi is still a badass in my book :sunglasses:


So, for some that FantumX didn’t tag, just thought I’d tag some as well…

Will any of you be joining us??



I have actually another idea and I’m pretty sure no one else is picking that character. :smiley: It’s not the Finnish ET though. It’s 5pm here so I still have to wait.