Argentinian who likes to cook with Israeli lemons.


Could be west coast North America.

Less then 2 hrs until I get my target. :slight_smile:


Just trap it.

Edit: Just read the OP. I’ll fix it to a target soon.

cbf unwrapping the bucket hat properly. photoshop tfw.


Not at all. As a matter of fact I’m sure that will end up happening, it’s inevitable. As I said, there are hundreds of forum members and only so many targets. No biggie.

So choose who ever you wish, plus, there are many different versions of many targets, so even if two or more people pick the same, you at least have an option to choose a different look if you wish.

@Chef-assassin perfect target for you! :joy::+1:
Better to be a “Smug French Prick” rather than the Food Critic, huh?


Thanks man I’ll definitely partake in this activity, Shakira is gonna have to go for a while lol.



Here it is. You forgot one target. The one that was the agency’s main priority target. :metal::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::metal:

Oh and the difference is, you don’t get to kill him, he gets to kill you (absolution story). But he still is “a main target”.


I decided to go with

My avatar

And just in case you’d like to ‘brush up’ on this target…

I just really like this target a lot. I love his background, his story and just how he presents himself.

And even though he’s an interrogator, I love his methods to never get physical. Because you know… “it’s distasteful…” but when you’re as badass as Berg, you don’t need to resort to physical violence to get the job done. :smiling_imp:

The mind is a powerful tool.

So yeah… this is my choice for this years target. This is the second year of “47 Day” last year I chose Raymond Kulinsky from BM as my target…



What!?? So it was ME the whole time!!? :worried:

I knew I didn’t miss anybody lol
But I suppose you’re right. He was once an official ICA target…

Haha if that’s the case, I didn’t have to change mine lol



Yup, he did become a target. And you said, “no changes”. Lol. Haha.


And happy 47 day everyone!!!


Haha that’s right I did…

It’s cool though… I’m 47 all year round :smile:… it’s nice to be in somebody else’s shoes for 47 days.

I’m Happy with my target choice.

Good one though, you really had me puzzled lol


Nothing like that, I’m in Alaska. But I’m not actually Alaskan. I’m from Finland and that’s why I mentioned that Finnish ET.


Doctor Berg. I didn’t recognize you in your…
work clothes


Well, that’s the idea.

You don’t drop by the forum for months but you make sure to remember 47 Day huh? Lol


Well, a girls got to keep busy.
Happy Hitman Day! See you in 47 days :yum:


Lmao well glad you remembered… Thanks for “dropping by”


Does my avatar count?


Well tbh, it’s supposed to be “Targets” not VIP’s or favorite NPC’s. However, that being said, if you really like Billy Jack, I certainly won’t object with your decision.

Ah… I see what you did there… Very clever haha very clever, indeed.


I like Billy Jack, so I think I’ll keep him as my avatar.


No problem. :ok_hand:

“Suppose we all gotta make some type
of choices in life.”

-Billy Jack

EDIT: So… who did Mr. “Kool Aid” aka: @FantumX choose? :smirk: