Well, I’ll be the odd one here:


Still April 6th where I live. Still don’t know who to do, going to have to think of something and find a picture.


@OKIGorgon lmao nice, didn’t think of those guys :joy:
(Added him in the OP under “Hitman 2” )

@theinternet11 no problem man, still got time. Check the OP in this thread. Every target to date can be found there. Many to choose from.


Changed it 20 minutes early to midnight, going reckless. Decided to go with Matthieu Mendola, because nobody pays attention to the bonus targets. Also found this art of him online, thought it was it was nice. Last year I did Agent 17 from H2, so wanted to do a different target from another game.

The worst thing about this event is that everyone changed their profile pictures, I always recognized them by the profile pic, it was easy to tell who was who by all the distinct pictures, going to be much harder with the sudden changes.

I was going to go with the Contracts Fritz Fuchs, but I couldn’t find any good pictures of him, and I didn’t like the one from the OP.


OMG! It’s today!

I realised I’m really elusive on this forum… :smile:


The OP @AGENT4T7 is still a clown huehue


3 Soders characters, all with completely different pictures…


I have no idea what this thread is a about, but sure I guess?

Edit: Oh I get it, now i have to think about it a bit.


Are we staaaaaars… :notes: Just cause we million miles awaaaay… :musical_note:
From the shadows, or are we just pilgrims, who have lost their way.:microphone:


Love you too, Hayamoto Sr.


You guys been talking for the whole bloody night! Disgusting little kids, why don’t you let an old man have his rest. More of this nonsence and I’ll hunt all your asses down in the field mate.


I’m Dr. Pavel now, because baneposting is my thing. Anyone want to pick Akenawa? :^)


I want to find a fortune teller, are there any good ones around?


Was going to go with Jordan or Ezra. :tired_face:

As they’re taken it’ll have to be General Zany.

Reason: chest hair, shiny uniform, dumping on flags.


Had an idea to add something more to the 47 Day (More the 47 Days of 47 Day). Every year we could do a different challenge. The one I came up with is the “Chameleon” challenge. 47 contracts each with ONE target. Every contract would use a different disguise for the kill. Everyone could make a contract for it and name it 47 Day: Chameleon. If anyone wants to take part I’ll make a contract for the suit on Sapienza or something, and someone else could make Ninja on Hokkaido, and someone would make Auction Staff on Paris. There doesn’t have to be 47 creators, a few people could make them all. (And no weapon restrictions). Could be fun :slight_smile:


My choice was Fernando Xalvador Delgado.
I love the quote from the shadow client in the legacy trailer, when 47 is about to fiber wire Fernando.
“You were always the best. Nobody ever came close. You define the art and it defines you.”


You asked why did everyone changed their userpics? Well, that’s because today is the 47-day!


Sure I’ll be joining in, Happy National HITMAN day to 47 himself. :wink::+1:

For the occasion I’ll be changing my Avatar to 47’s clone brother Agent 17.

Although we don’t really know much about this character, we do know that he is one of the clones of Agent 47, (Kinda obvious) but what I’m interested in the most is how he survived and how he follows your tracks throughout Hitman 2, and how he tries to make himself stand out against you with a different coloured tie and sunglasses.

“Another brother, thought I killed all of you ?”


Day 1:


It’s 47 days, so you have to use this for 47 days :smiley:.