Read my post above.


I did, i even quoted it :flushed:.


I meant this one.


hahahaha ah okay, do you have 47 different pictures of Vinnie :flushed:?


Lol, I’m working on it. I have a lot of them already, but not 47 of them yet. Haha


I confess, picked this one just because the religious themes reminded me of H2.


Liking a lot of the pics here! Ready to rock this one for the next 47 days.


Here, use color version:


Happy 47 Day!


I would drink more to celebrate this wonderful day but I have a weak heart…


As I indicated a while back, I’m bending but not breaking the rules. I’ve been a duck in one form or another since i joined a year ago, beginning with the classic HM explosive duck, then a variety of rubber ducks and finally good 'ol Daffy. I wanted to participate having a target while maintaining my duck theme. Soooo, I went with a crop of a promo print ad from Blood Money that has an unamed victim of 47, a duck in the background and even a subtle view of 47 himself.

Here’s the full pic and the collection of print ads I considered before noticing one of them had a duck the pic, sealing my choice.

Uploading avatar now…


Never seen the promo art for Blood Money. Really cool, I think it’s way better than the promo art for Hitman 2016


I saw only classically and coldy ones. This is probably a reason why I haven’t guessed his avatar.


Haha well that’s certainly different, I would have never guessed that one, that’s for sure :smile:

I honestly thought you were gonna go with Charlie Sidjan, after you mentioned the tub and duck lol

I wonder who that women is supposed to be based off from BM though… obviously the violin guy is supposed to be Delgado. But the others? I have no clue. The guy in the freezer supposed to be Anthony Martinez, perhaps? Most likely Lorne De Havilland??No idea… lol

Well you definitely picked a unique one haha Happy 47 day!!


Judging by clothes and dog Coldly one is Lorne de Havilland from You Better Watch Out… . Classically is also set up in Paris Opera from Curtains Down. I don’t recall either of female targets looking like the ones shown though. The closest I can get is Margeaux LeBlanc (bride from Till Death Do Us Part - redhead) and female assassin from You Better Watch Out… who was originally supposed to be blond.


Hope not many chose Hayamoto Jr. and if some have then apologies,
I love his character, the mission, his suit, his hair, and glasses of course


That was my avatar last year. I feel ya! Good choice @danzo_rezno


I changed mine about 10pm so technically I’m in right guys… right :stuck_out_tongue:


Who was your first target choice?

You can’t change back once you picked! :stuck_out_tongue:


Nah I meant I only just changed to the target just before it turned 8th haha